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Louis Vuitton Cup Final Race 6 highlights ——————————————————————– www.facebook.com/americascup www.twitter….

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TheMahatmah says:

This is Sailing! Check out the start and finish, it doesn’t get better than this!
Go to: youtube.com/watch?v=rw_GZ65ydrA

TheMahatmah says:

Impressive machines, but this is not Sailing. There’s a minimum of Strategy and a minimum of Tactics. Very American, an usophisticated Drag Race to the line. I really hope there will be a One Design single hulled yacht and sailing that will involve some brain next time.

Frank Russell says:


dafdyka says:

Draper and Bruni do not seem to have the level! What kind of start was that? It looks like they can’t be bothered to fight!

SeaRanger311 says:

No the winner of the LV cup will have the right to challenge Oracle in the Americas cup.

Bill Gardyne says:

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is alive and well in the commentary on this series. I hear words but no substance.

Fla Rio says:

Draper and Bruni are not good enough to play this game… All bad starts… Prada should have called Torben Grael…

Sandro Ulisse says:

stiamo facendo da sparring

poindess says:

defenders plays in the LV cup ?

taylormadefan69 says:

Hahaha Italy suck sooo bad it’s embarrassing.

TheCoBBus says:

the winner of louis vuitton cup

Jack Halkabar says:

probably NZL

Andrea Fasulo says:

Purtroppo non esiste la benché minima parvenza di competizione, Team NZL è nettamente superiore e Russel Coutts dove va porta la vittoria.

poindess says:

which of both Oracle wil compete ?

Glenn H Anderl says:

There is no competition for the KIWIS, makes i a bit boring, even if the sailings are spectacular. Hopefully the competition against Oracle will be harder for the Kiwis.

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