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Louis Vuitton Cup Final Race 3 highlights ——————————————————————– www.facebook.com/americascup www.twitter…

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AjaPuppy says:

The AC should follow the example of the VOR. Decrease the cost of the boats, go for one-designs, and then we’ll see more entries and better competition. I don’t care how sexy the boats look, this event just isn’t exciting.

Marco Lonardi says:

After watching the Defender Practise Race Oracle doesn’t have any chance against ETNZ Top speed they reached was 35-36kn a pace that for the Kiwis is the Average.

Marco Lonardi says:

No Please…

Rev Marshall Wright says:

Not only doea the ego-driven America’s Cup suck, like can 2 boats ever finish a race, their ‘blacking-out’ of Americans watching live on YouTube is typical of the 1%. As a result, our small group of old salts who have collectively attended over 200 America’s Cup tournaments, have decided to boycott all of the sponsors of said event as the only vote left for us is where we spend our money. We are all thankful we did not spend it in San Francisco.

Steven S Means says:

Deed of Gift. The last technical term for fans of the America’s Cup. The RULES by which the greatest trophy in human competition can be WON are written in legal language from two centuries ago and administered by a new York City Court today.  We go on, because participants agree to STOP challenging and actually race. This agreement not to let the competition be decided in the “courts” is a great step forward. It says, make any boat, any sail, any team and be faster, then you win. ThankYou.

Steven S Means says:

The boat to beat is now called USA 17, technically a 90 foot long trimaran (28 meters, hep dudes). pvera;; 113 feet. so the length, but not the weight, of Hamburg Harbor’s Museum Boat , Elbe 5, the former Wanderbird of San Francisco (Yikes!) and single purpose sailing vessel to make safe harbor possible up the Elbe River to Hamburg from 1883 for 50 years. The rigid wing of the USA 17 is 55 % larger than the largest airplane wing used.

Steven S Means says:

We who live in the present moment do not choose between PAST glories and FUturE hopes. We celebrate with what we do at the moment. This moment is multihulls at over 80 kilometers per hour ( over 50 mph, over 44 knots) sometimes, not for all day, not for every match race. New Zealand bundles the best challenger, Italy carries an honor guard in second place, others fade, it is quite difficult to challenge.

Steven S Means says:

My library walls have J Class match races from the 1930s, at least as otherworldly as today’s multihulls. The test remains the same: 1! Sailing Skill 2! Tactical decision making 3! boat and sail design 4! Team Management For me, 2! remains the key component, so I observe with my own special Point of View. Just knowing who WON is fun but simple FUN. Knowing the background and experiencing the flow of peaceful competition is part of the greatest human experiences. This is culture. Good.

Steven S Means says:

The oldest world competition is NOT the Olympics, a revived and repurposed, sometimes elegant event, but the 1851 sailboat race won by the good ship America. We the fans don’t build or approve what is a sailboat, we just appreciate doing the best with the best. The media filters result to us faster but not with better clarity. The match race is complex, it is more than soap box derby controlled by intervening papas.

Steven S Means says:

OLD. Let’s simplify for the media, so they can learn what to show us, *the fans”. In 1851 backyard match racing took a gigantic step UP. Humans using devices and enduring whatever nature brings matched up. It was no longer simply the fastest runner or the fastest horse, it was a team SPORT. The SPORT is named for the first winner, the group who sailed a ship called America. Challengers are allowed. One by one. Now there is an elimination derby. What is defined as a sailboat changes.

wlieu12 says:

Wish these commentators would stop getting so excited about the technologies of these boats. Just because they are ignorant of the science of these boats doesn’t mean that we are. It is condescending. Really, just stick to commenting on the racing. They don’t CITP every time a 300 ton 747 takes off, right?

Steven S Means says:

At issue is finding an approach which respects this new form of racing and also provides entertainment, suspense, excitement, nostalgia … each of us has a hot list and not so hot list and an i don’t give a durn list. It is partly up to the media to SELL the current America’s Cup competition. Since the press lacks knowledge, lacks understanding and most importantly does not associate in a positive fashion with the creators, owners, tech crews, racers, the product reaches us in muddy waters

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Dan Colton says:

We have not seen any competitive racing since the AC World Series races.  The AC72 Summer of Sailing has been a total let down. These are not the “fastest sailboats” they are the “most fragile sailboats” and have broken on each race thus far. Let’s go back to racing reliable one-designs and not pander to billionair’s fancy.

Mattia Bobbo says:

2nd leg of this was the most emotionant since round robin! We want more like that, c’mom luna rossa!!

Paolo Marras says:

True!!! Simply shameful!! on TV just talk about politics and football

David Mackintosh says:

seems the comentators are the last to spot issues on boats in these races. bit too hyped on the ‘glory’ of it all

Dario Ricchiari says:

big shame ! in italy there isn’t way to watch the Louis Vuitton cup on TV

busansailing says:

Wow~ love seeing one boat match racing! Please save the series and bring the 45s back!

sam monet says:

looks to me like most of the problems have been pilot/crew error causing damage

sirrealism says:

You keep using that word “literally”. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

lingzedong says:

this is not racing, boat failure every race

ronnycnc says:

look like Formula1

cwpredovich says:


cwpredovich says:

Enjoying and appreciating both team’s in-race audio

crashcheese says:

keep it cool, it’s the nature of uncharted territory, we’re probably starting to see the life expectancy of certain sized sheaves operating at particular angles under known mechanical loads. Does the NZ boat still have the same sheave arrangement with its upgraded design? Yep its a shame but it’s paltry compared to Artemis’s earlier disaster. Perspective guys, perspective. 

Oskar Lind says:

Can we please see a rela race soon and not just boats falling apart…

AjaPuppy says:

“Expect the unexpected” –> So both boats make it around the course then?

123prova says:

Actually we saw a bit of match race at the beginning but it did not last…. by the way it was exiting, I am sure this will become more and more entertaining!

Chris Roberts says:

Are we ever gonna get a race without one of the boats breaking down

desmoMarco91 says:

we want IACC 90’s back

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