Hermes Unboxing in Paris – The story of how I got my Birkin35

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This episode is about how I purchased my first Hermès Birkin 35 xoxo

many people were asking about the pricing .. please see below link


Steve is the SK-II Brand Ambassador in the United States.

Mr. Jan All In One Products Store:



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Wendy Ding says:

LUCKY YOU!! Love the colour!! What time you're in the shop at the 1st day?

Steff says:


Rosalie Rangel says:

Hi can I please ask how much was your total for it? I am going next month and hope to buy one too☺️ I like be your bag ☺️✔️

Joasday S. says:

🌼😃! Your so lucky!!enjoy it, is stunning!!! 😍

Teresa Bocanegra says:

It’s so amazing. I’m so happy for you Hunnay! Congrats sending you love from San Antonio

Lou ise says:

Congrats! So happy for you! It suits you very well!

Purple Swag says:

Congratulations, if you do not ask you will not receive! If you present well I don't see why it's not possible to land one.

DDragon Damen says:

Congrats…. yuppie Love it

Jacqueline Padin Fuccio says:

A wise person once told me to not to expect anything from anyone. As you went into the store u were not expecting to walk out with such a beautiful bag. The universe rewarded for your hard work and your kindness in getting this bag in company of ur sweetheart 😘.

Tina Camacho says:

I am so happy for you❤️ I love to see your Unboxings they are always so Amazing ❤️

Riki Matsui says:

How exciting!!! Congratulations!!

Thanh-Van Nguyen says:

aww that so happy for you…luv it

cddjny says:

Congratulations Steve! It’s gorgeous! Enjoy it, and wear it in good health!😍

Jonnalyn Feng says:

So Happy for you!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

koy pond says:

OMG! Your partner is a HE!?!?!? WHAT???? You're so beautiful. Can you be my man? I love you. It's a shame you don't like to eat kitty. Nevertheless, that Birkin is just as beautiful as you. You have a lucky partner. LOL. My boyfriend says, my kitty smells better than any Birkin. We're watching your vlog together. Congratulations.

Anna Marie Gaoing says:

You deserve that bag and more!! You are beautiful person inside and out… I love it .. one day if I’ll ever own one, it will be that same bag😄

Raquel Uy says:

I Am Over the Moon Happy for You!!!! 😍❤️😍 Gorgeous Steve!! Looks Great on You 🥰😍

Beauty Boomer says:

Congratulations that bag is stunning. You have a wonderful partner who wants your dreams to come true💜

Valerie D. Bickel Beauty and Confidence says:

I am sooo happy for you honey!!! She is Beautiful!!!☆☆☆☆☆

Sarah Fox says:

It’s gorgeous! You deserve it x

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