Hermes Unboxing | How to get a Birkin or Kelly | Tamara Kalinic

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Hermes Kelly 28 Epsom Leather Cactus

My Favourite Hermes Bags

Page where you should apply for your appointment:

My TOP 5 Most Worn Bags of 2018:

Coin Necklace
T Necklace – Celine
Van Cleef
Short Pink Cartier

Love ring
Juste Un Clou
Double Juste Un Clou

Van Cleef
Cartier Love
Cartier Juste Un Clou

*Left ear:
Diamond Hoop
Daith Piercing
Van Cleef

*Right Ear
Dagger Hoop
Turquoise Hoop
Cartledge Hoops
Van Cleef Alhambra

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Tamara xo

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angeleyn says:

Thanks for sharing your experience shopping in Hermes. I want a Hermes bag one day so I am taking notes on everyone's experience buying it in Paris!

Justin Singh says:

I have emsome

Justin Singh says:

How many hermes bags do u have I have 4 Kelly’s and 2 bercans

athena dinunzio says:

the ad just told me to put down my avocado toast. im eating avocado toast…

maniacram says:

Dumb old bitch getting a jelly 🤢🤮 what else is new 😏

Carolina Cammilleri says:

Congratulations!!!! So excited and happy for you 🙂

John Brown says:

You can only sell a woman something that cost 100$ to make a 70,000 dollar purse. A damn solid gold toilet cost about that much.

Cecilia Yuda says:

Do you know that your Kelly is a sellier..

barbiedolldrip says:

where does she get the money to buy all that designer stuff?!

C C says:

Honestly, you got really lucky with a nice SA and lucking out with the bag you wanted. In that boutique, I have wealthy friends, some who even have long standing history with Hermes overseas, who have gone multiple times to that boutique, and either end up with an unobliging SA or never get offered anything close to what they wanted. Everytime i'm shopping on Saint honore, I just walk right past Hermes and spend my money at Chanel instead. I can't bother to waste all that precious time in Paris and jumping through hoops on the off chance of an appt just to buy a bag that I have a 5% chance of being offered, A bag that is worth $10.000+ but they will make impossibly difficult to get!

Charles California says:

It’s a nice bag. I love the color and it’s worth the dreadful process. Good for you!

MANDITA vista says:

to have this pricey bag is like raising a baby, its like a job to take good care of it with care. congrats, i do applaud for this kind of people

Shawn Nguyen says:

So…..pretty much the Hermès system is like jury duty……you keep on checking and the time keeps changing.

Kap 54 says:

I think the procedure for getting that bag is way too much. For that amount of money they should be treating their costumers better.

napalmedpyjamas says:

Im so happy for you! Green is not for me but why not:) meaby one day I will be bale to afford it xxx

in love with my hubby J says:

in your other video you where talking how you knew (or believed)on wednesday that you will get a positiv text. and now here you are saying something else? what was it now😅

Jennifer Jones says:

Just don’t get the hype or obsession with these bags at all & the prices they are willing to pay. 😱 People are starving in the world for goodness sake!🙁

Tobi Jones says:

Sooooo pretty

Sarah Monclair says:

Beautiful bag Tamara 😍😍♥️

Melissa Ong says:

Your bag is beautiful

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