Hermes | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Hermès | Spring Summer 2019 by Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

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Massimo Giordano says:


Amrani Imane says:

seems like the clothes of cump 💕

Yang Leo says:


Ellen O'Rourke says:

Wonderful set, clothes and models as well. Lovely filming and the music is a perfect match.

Justmyopinionlol says:

這家公司不關心非白人。 我永遠不會從這個品牌買任何東西。

I_luv_pudding says:

Do all models walk like this nowadays? It’s terrible

Lakei A says:

this makes me hate my socio-economic status

Engin Ercan says:


Dane Mitch says:

I want those sandals.

Genie says:

Sumptuous. Architectural. These are real clothes for women of substance.

Celine Mayrhofer says:

this is satisfying

강한남자 says:

Best of the season 5 houses

Perry Robles says:

Dios mio, if I was a girl, you couldn’t get me out of these clothes. So much variation in pieces. I would mix the beige with chocolates. The olives with browns. Soooo many choices.

But I’m not a girl.

So what? I can still rock those jackets. The sandals. And some of the tops.

And since I’m gay, how about those skirts? Those leather skirts.

Now, if someone would just lend me 25 to 30 thousand, I’d be the most fashion forward 53 year-old in Denver.


Pepe M Mas says:

It is a good collection, not too modern, but not boring, not trying to shock and get easy attention but to be worn, apart from a few dresses, a very rounded collection. Well done. Some of the leather dresses reminded me of Alaia which is obviously a nice compliment.

Larisa Mus says:

This collection is the best. Normal. Not crazy

Jamie Nowicki says:

Loooove the white half sleeve with silver buckle/grommet at 0:23💖

александр соколов says:

идеально прям

fashionjuhnkiie21 says:

Now that Celine is gone at least we have brands like Hermès to look at

Людмила Васильева says:

Мне понравилось

Marco Benneti says:

Best show of the season to me, elegant, modern, real, beautiful, great selection of colors, great accesories, and most importantly; enhancing, this is not designed to look atractive on a runway or trying to catch up with trends, its made to enhance women and make them look great.

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