HERMES OVER HYPED?! + MY LUXE BAG COLLECTION | Chanel, Dior, Vuitton | Sophie Shohet

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LUXURY HANDBAG / PURSE COLLECTION AND MINI REVIEW OF: CHANEL BOY UNBOXING, LOUIS VUITTON ALMA BB, VALENTINO SPIKE, CHANEL CLASSIC FLAP JUMBO, CHANEL COCO TOP HANDLE, STELLA McCartney Falabella and Lady Dior plus Diorama (and some more!) These are my most requested videos as you tell me that you find it interesting to see bags that might be new to you – plus it’s interesting to see the price increases.

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Jamie Oliveros says:

I agree with you about Hermes. There are some YSL bags that I like better.

I Am Ella Bella says:

Wow! You look beautiful, this entire look is really you. Loving your videos 💕

Angie Leong says:

Like your honest feedback about the luxury bags 👍🏻

Zayda Franco says:

Where are you selling your bags?

Tessa M says:

Sophie..thanks for your honesty on the bags , the comparison.. and the price of your bags.
All this is very helpful information for me in deciding which bag to purchase..

Palani A.Subramaniam says:

I love Lottie the best

Robln Pevlor says:

Loved this video!!! I agree with so many of your thoughts about bags. Your collection is superior. Is also agree about Hermes hype. Thank you .

Nadia Wong says:

Love the Chanel Boy in the Champagne color .

Alohomora Colloportus says:

Sophie, love your style. One question, how do you feel about Versace bags ?

Aurore T says:

Much respect Sophie, but I love love love the LV Speedy 25. It was my first luxury bag. I chose it because it was created for Audrey Hepburn. She wanted a Speedy but thought the 30 was too big. So they made the 25 for her.

If I had to do it all again, I would still get that bag. 🙂

I totally agree with you re. HERMES. Overpriced, overrated. I feel like I see more Hermes Kelly and Birkin fakes than anything else in the street.

Ali Ashby says:

I adore you and your channel. You are so down to earth and classy. I am DYING for the le Boy and Classic double flap, but can’t make the financial sacrifice yet. Someday! Glad to know about the lambskin boy though, for $5k usd it needs to be perfect.

humera shaikh says:

What does it mean that it is an investment? Do bags have resale value?

Rimsha 710 says:

Were do you sell your products?

D S says:

Love your style, description and of course purse collection,… Sophie please share how do you store/organize your shoes and purse collection… please …. Polish-Canadian from Toronto xoxo

Zenobia Beckley says:

Looking beautiful my darling 💋🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Logan Mullins says:

Sophie, do you feel the same about Rolls-Royce as you do about Hermès in regards to the hype? I noticed the Cullinan didn’t make your final cut of the Salon Privé video :P. I’m on board with the Hermès comparison, I just drool over the Rolls craftsmanship. And price wise it’s not sooo different from Bentley. Like Chanel v. Dior in scope. ❤️💋

1111 99900 says:

I feel like the quality of most luxury bags has dropped tremendously and some of these bags range from 3-4k to 100k, even birkins can rip or tear or the hardware can loosen. I'm not even talking about knock-offs either, its better to buy from a smaller luxury brand with a more personal touch I think.

Ronniechops says:

I really don’t like Hermès bags and I actually think that a lot of the designs are downright ugly 🙊 the only bag I like is the Kelly bag. The design is just classically beautiful and iconic. The Birkin is horrific!

brakarochknakar says:

Totally agree with Guccis recent design. So tacky and cheap looking nowadays. I loved when they had Tom ford designing for them.

Leyla Zobel says:

Lovely collection. Lusting over the chanel classic flap caviar in gold hardware. Im wondering, what is Chanel return policy? Is there a difference between grained calfskin and caviar? Please help. I wanted to do a lot of research before I actually buy my first Chanel bag.💕 Thank you.🤗❤️

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