Hermès – Il est pour nous

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Pour Hermès, Olivia Bee s’invente un monde en soie. For Hermès, Olivia Bee has pictured a world of silk. www.hermes.com.

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M.R. Yan says:

I absolutely adore her shoes!

LXR&CO says:

#TBT to Olivia Bee’s 2012 collaboration with +Hermès 

Argell Sednaoui says:


Cândida Pereira says:
LIL K says:

pretty boy!

Joshua Reyna says:


sarah braswell says:

What is name of band?

Ethan Ham says:

The only issue for me was the jumping into the water fully clothed!


Id take off my $800 sweater before I jumped on the lake but thats just

Rosie Marks says:

this is lovely

221babyrosejeans says:

but are those at the end two embalmed rabbits (while they kiss)?

Fiona Isabella says:

well that was perfect. :’)

metropolitan6C says:

Softened, hetero, ‘Pierre & Gilles’ spirit, nice movie, far from the boring
elitist references to horses. Thanks

Ion Clavero says:

Ugh. Nasty.

djmeperry says:

Stupid video in the suggestions, I keep clicking on it

poop says:

Olivia is the best.

MyLifeAsLouis says:

colored bunnies!

SneakyBoyStudios says:

Wes Anderson

Cayan Brock says:

Her work always blows me away!

José Daniel Caamaño Hernández says:

J’aime pas, c’est pas hermès, rien de francais dans le video.

samanthasea7 says:

olivia has come such a long way!!

Magali Dup,. says:

Trop Magnifique !

sven says:

omg I love it !!! så söt ! Jag älskar videon 🙂

Christian Rose says:


Olivia Bee says:

It’s by Liam Dolan, his sound cloud is here sound cloud . com / liam _
skateboard _ dolan The song is called “Bizarre House Party and Subsequent

girlghosts says:

this is my idea of a perfect date

Emma Seely-Katz says:


BouleDeNeigeVideos says:

Pourquoi HERMES commercialise encore de la fourrure animale ??? Grande
HYPOCRISIE de cette vidéo avec vos mignons petits lapins roses alors que
vous cautionnez et faites partie de cette industrie lamentable de la
fourrure qui massacre 50 millions d’animaux par an. Achetez vous plutôt une
morale Hermès, nous ne voulons plus de cette mode sans éthique uniquement
basée sur la superficialité et le profit.

Inian Moon says:

Probably an obscure thrift shop somewhere in SE Portland.

Olivia Bee says:

I made them hehe

Strychnine FrozenLithograph says:

I love the work of the tongue ! ahahah

Travis Chen says:

Young Love

neonsunsets says:

The bunnies in the end!!!

Allison Farrand says:


dom says:

like a wes anderson movie im obsessed with olivia bolles -__-

Diego Romero says:

I thought it would be good but not. Really boring, the love´s stereotype.

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