Hermes Gold H Buckle Belt GENUINE VS FAKE GUIDE + Review

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Sorry messed up on the Buckles. The polished buckle is fake and the brushed is real!

Hey guys, just wanted to point out a couple things regarding fake Hermes belts being sold on eBay. We are assuming that it might be happening quite a bit as David actually purchased the belt you see here for almost retail price as you all know it is very hard to come across this belt in stock in store. Granted if ebay did not tell us and ban the ebay user that this belt was bought from we probably would have never known we had bought a fake!

Not experts on anything, we just wear a bunch of clothes and own a bunch of different clothes and trying to share our take.

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Dolcevita USA says:

good job…good taste in belts and watches

Eric Sahagian says:

This would have been a good video had I not paused that shit and scrolled down to see whether I was having some sort of stroke or something, what the fuck is wrong with your camera? The focus is so off I can't watch the rest of this.

Justin Dansby says:

You mean to tell me that the main focus of the belt (The Buckle) looks the same as the genuine I think I I would rather pay $78 instead of $778. But thanks for the review. At the end of the day it's just a belt and most people are going to care if your belt is fake or not.

serendra90210 says:

too bad. great video but auto focusing sucks. you should use manual focus on a dslr dude.

Amelia Chaerunissa says:

same quality but different price

Michael Plummer says:

could you turn the music down a bit next video, otherwise great video, thank you

Sinta says:

Omfg whoever edited that video, so fucking irritating and dumbass shit who doesn't even know figure out which one is real and fake and keep making people confusing by false informing… Put the fake word on original and put the genuine on the correct one and back and forth on and on, I guess it's bcuz camera man sucked dick too many times, so he got horny and did the same shit, thus he put the wrong informations and off sync with what he is showing ans telling lmfao hahaha

maurice wilson says:

there's more people here interested in the fake than the real. gotta admit the fake look better and for the price it's going for why

danilo Kostic says:

where did tou buy the fake one ?

Mark Villanueva says:

Real vs fake.. Fake.. People buy to look flashy…. Real.. People buy because they can.

Visente Villalpando says:

What brand is your watch

David González says:

Nice Panerai man

James Lemay says:

First off it's pronounced “AIR-MEZZ,” not “HER-MEEZ.”

Jonathan Diaz says:

Where's the serial number

lil Phips says:

I have bought a Fake Hermes Belt in Bali for 40$ and its even better Quality than in the Video.

Griff Oliver says:

Lol where do you buy fake ones ? 

posing ken ben 2 case keys to king says:

Can i have you guys email me… I would love to get a legit check on a belt i have. Please and thank you

Manny Avelar says:

That's a real fake camera bro ,you need to buy new one

Christian Villagran says:

Question is, Where can I get one of those replicas at? Haha

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