Hermes – From Da Ground Unda

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From Tha Ground Unda – Hermes – Paris.

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Omar Bwix says:

RééSpécT From Bwix’ [morocco]

ramirezao22 says:

il a jamais ete chopé parcequ’il a toujours peint seul !!! , les tagueurs ou graffeurs qui se font chopper sont souvent accompagné, moi aussi a l’epoque ou je graffait j’ai ete choppé une foi ou j’etait accompagné et pendant 8 ans j’ai ntoujours tout defponcé solo ,sans me faire” choper une foix

Jawzh1 says:

Hermes <3

77fou says:

vive la france

TrollerOfWar says:

lol 1:30 some chick is taking it up the ass, You must admit lads after watching this video you got you’re ham out and whacked one out to some of the internets finest…

Kevin2814535 says:

Saw him up in Miami, dope style

Yann Placet says:

Hermes , ya qu’ca d’vrai !

Felipe Caxambu says:


Doze67 says:

hermes, never caught by the police, ninjaboy

Uncle Sam says:

its from psycho realm- stone garden… but correct me if im wrong

Shannonbondfitness says:

mad hand style

Felipe Caxambu says:

what this track ?

Xmdrums21 says:

WTF ?!

xTechnoBulletz17698 says:

from ‘Bomb the system’- 1:25 to ‘fuck the system’ – 1:30

fashioncomestilo says:

Hermés porno???? DON´T like it

Francisco Tedeschi says:

porno equis de,

TheMogwaiPeople says:


ReketSquad says:


cosacosi1 says:

quelqun connait le nom du porno? XD

Pedro Sanchez says:

Psycho Realm – Stone Garden

MeskOner94 says:

song please

Ededeaz says:

name of the song?

mrmasterofnothing1 says:


MrLolman5 says:

C’est quoi la zic svp?

busterflex says:

oui le caméraman était la pour une documentaire…Tu le trouves aussi sur youtube 🙂

zZoPtiCZz ScoPeZz says:

A koi ca avoir le mec ki baise bon en attendan elle a un bo cul

Jaku Ep says:

aahh i see, thanks for the info man, appreciated

guizz zziug says:

it’s the SNCF which lists all the graff on the trains-lines by taking pictures and then they lined it

dirtystar dirtystep says:

meme en 2012 hermes reste le roi des tunnels !

mightyflux says:

And buff is not the only word out there, so i asked you what i thought meant buff. End of discussion.

Jaku Ep says:

because if i ment buff i would have said buff,

mightyflux says:

How am i a dick?

Jaku Ep says:

no u dick somebody actuayly walked down about 4 miles of track and lined literaly 80 percent of graff with cans

22Tasted says:

Ben en l’occurance il y avait le caméraman lol Mais c’est vrai que c’est un solitaire qui connais mieux le métro parisien que les chauffeur :p

mightyflux says:

line? do you mean buff?

Jaku Ep says:

why the fuck did someone line all of the graff from the airport into central paris????……whoever did that should get set on fire, anyone who as been to paris recently and got the train into central from the airport will know what i mean ?????


Tracé direct, aucune retouche, homogene, c sur c propre, mais c devenu tellement simple avec les montana que de la a le glorifier au meme rang que d’autre vrais kings quand meme pas.
Il disait ne jamais s’etre fait serrer dans un reportage, me demande si c toujours d’actualite, surement vu qu’il ne fait plus rien du tout ( ou qu’il a demenagé va savoir), ou peut etre que justement gdn lui ont coupé les deux mains va savoir…les ragots les ragots…
1:30 le fantasme de tout voyou!

Pedro Sanchez says:

psycho realm, ” Stone Garden “

ropi449 says:

bravo hermes t putain de fort

Pedro Sanchez says:

Ce mec je le respecte

SpaggiariAdino says:

sobre et propre…

Kuf FA says:


DeaskOner says:

Man, if you’re a french writer, you must know that HERMES he’s knowed for always write alone, He makes several pieces without backup or other writers.
he takes a cameran with him just for this video.

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