Hermes Birkins & Chanel Cruise 18 🎉 Chanel Luxury Shopping Vlog

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marrie currie says:

please more videos ❤

Tyniece Sade says:

Her bag gave me lifeeeeee. I still haven’t held one yet. 🙁

LuxMommy says:

That Birkin!!! I want!!!

ZarNeeYaChan Brown girl says:

အရည္လွလက္တား so beautiful I"line chanal😍😍😍

Daniel Galvez says:

Passport… I understand their trying to maintain the exclusivity in their brand for creating a faux waiting list for a bag but really, a passport for a bag purchase? Lol.

erika robinson says:

The subscribers you met were oh so stylish and I was loving it

Lana Delreyes says:

by far the best luxury shopping vlog!

Vicky Stepanchenko says:

You know nothing about a real luxury.

Tricia S. says:

I am hooked on your vlogs. You have a new subscriber.

livii says:

Isn't this Toronto.

Joanna Jacques says:

Thanks for the great video as always!! Do you know what the bag at 11:25 is worn by the girl you met? Thanks!

Jekaterina Makusenko says:

Is the red Chanel too orange-toned?

Nosheen Khalid says:

Omg, that Birkin at 8:00! Gorgeous!

Tori's Beauty World says:

I love this!! The Hermès Birkin bag is everything. Thanks for sharing 💕💕

Black_Benz says:

Love your store vlogs…it's like I am there browsing with you. New Chanel not on Bloor St anymore?

CC Libre says:

Flagship is on point!!


Beautiful store. Great Vlog too. TFS💕

Diana Zavala says:

Always enjoy your videos!

Janice Eadie says:

I like the slip on espadrilles I saw them online think they would be more comfy! 🙂

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