Hermes Belt Kit Review

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This is a review and comparison between a 3 year old Hermes 32mm belt kit in black box and gold togo leather with silver H buckle compared to a brand new Hermes 32mm belt kit in white and natural leather and a general review on the Hermes belts.
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Paul Williams says:

Looks like it holds up well for the price point.

Paul Williams says:

how often did you wear that belt?

KMalinsky says:

black & brown would be the best belt

Acordeon y A La Moda says:

Are you selling any?

Sharmaarke Hussin says:

Who else thinks the old one looks better

George Charalambous says:

Awesome video! What's the song's name?

Shelby Slupek says:

How do the sizes work on sirsneaker? are the hermes belts they sell for women as well?

Christina Marie says:

Great review!  Gotta love the iconic orange belt 🙂 Very classy and stylish.  I reviewed the Hermes Constance on my channel and would love if you could check it out! 

Blake DaBombLife says:

oh yeah that is true, thanks for the info.

soccermex21 says:

you could wear the white one with khaki's, khaki's don't stain anything

Blake DaBombLife says:

yes, @blakedabomblife

Blake DaBombLife says:

you should be the same size as LV

Chuck Bass says:

Hi! I wanto to buy an Hermes belt but I don't know y size I have a gucci and LV one are 85. What size are you in those brands, Thank you and good video

Trey S says:

Do you have an instagram?

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