HERMES 4 MEN, INCL. $12,500 JACKET (Spycam)

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A quick look inside the Hermes store. Checking Men’s jackets, shoes, belts and prices. Cashmere scarves, with built-in headphones & MP3 pocket. See an Hermes…

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Matteo Don says:

hermes quality is top end but prices are insane even though i can afford many things if i bought them i would feel ripped off, plain calf leather belt for a $1000 or more has to be a joke.

Kenzy Lachowski says:

I just saw the Hermès Grooming Bag in White Chalk Chevron Canvas! <3 Hope you could check out the price of this bag. 🙂

SimpleTechReviews1 says:

I’m sorry what is the point of a spy cam?

Kyodaikuma says:

I can not believe the amount of money my brother spends each month on hermes…. he spends at least 10 to 13k bucks on this brand…. I am fine with my levi´s and Guess style ….

daniel abraham says:

how do you go in these stores and never buy anything ?? i dont get how you to it lol

zandersonic says:

Would love to see the current Hermes menswear collection, love their suits, sweaters, leather clothing. Please do a new spycam! Thanks!

2007shazam says:

Did you see the $75000 alligator or crocodile shirt? Pls do more spy cam especially for the men’s bag . Thanks !!

Jefferson Colisi says:

I would like to watch more about polos, pants, shirts for men. Do it for us please.

mrnm2000 says:

Please do an updated version

TheShoeGame31 says:

the H belt was that a 32MM? and was that a manhasset store? thank you.

Christian Fuentes says:

Keep doing more videos

Davo9802 says:

I love shopping at the Hermes store on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills I buy my belts,ties,scarfs, and colognes there the sales reps are so nice.

alvaro rodriguez says:

@gigi2698 Can you got to Salvatore Ferragamo , if you can im really curious about mens Salvatore Ferragamo if you have a chance , thank you great videos!

movieman730 says:

Hey! I love your videos! I saw on the video that you said the belt kit was 585. Online it says the belt kit is 665, was there a price change because if its 585 I will buy the belt in a heartbeat, forget you louis vuitton I’m going Hermes for the belt haha

TheInformalstyle says:

Whenever I feel bad about spending so much money on Prada / Gucci / Louis Vuitton, I just look at Hermes prices and it makes me feel like I’m economising.

lalatubbietubtub says:

Could you do a more indepth look into the 50CM Birkins or the Birkin HAC’s ? I’ve been thinking on getting one for travel but I’ve only seen a few of them at the Hermes Store were I live. I’d love to see a video on them 🙂

P.S. I <3 <3 <3 all your videos and all your comments !

Gibrán Flores says:

Thanks a lot, love to love u Gigi ( :

gigi2698 says:

– Oh I have a Bottega Veneta store in the big city where I shop…I’ve only gone in once or twice but never made a video there… You’ve given me the incentive to do one…thanks doll. Great suggestion!
I don’t know about Cavalli though…I’ll have to research that one.

gigi2698 says:

– Ooh, shopping at TOUS boutique. I have a couple of these boutiques nearby but I’ve never ventured inside…I will definitely have to go in & make a spycam shopping video… I’ve added this to my definitely to-do list.
Really good suggestion! 😀

helloadios12 says:

Can you do a Roberto Cavalli or Bottega Veneta for men? if you havent already done so.


Gibrán Flores says:

Amazing video I fell in love with those jackets. Would you please do a spycam shopping at a TOUS boutique (the logo of this brand it’s a bear and the principal model is Kylie Minogue) focus in jewelry, accesories and purses most of all I would really love that. Congratulations for your channel I don’t miss a single update. XOXO

David Hurley says:

I absolutely love those “H” belts!
Great video!

Marco Aurélio Prass says:

That’s great! I really like you to do some more video on the Hermès store and, if possible, also by Louis Vuitton, in the menswear section. I love your videos and I confess I’ve watched them all! Anyway, thanks again, and success for you!

gigi2698 says:

– Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked this video. I was just in the Hermes store and thought, heck, I’ve got my spycam in my purse, so, let’s get some of this on video…:-p

gigi2698 says:

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and kindness. I am definitely planning on doing more of these videos… I’m currently working on getting videos up on Tiffany & Co., & Burberry update. Pls let me know if you have any requests. Thx doll. 🙂

gigi2698 says:

– Definitely more to come!
I’m planning to go back to LV to get an update on Men’s fashions & I’ll try to get some of that fine jewelry too…:-p thx.

gigi2698 says:

– Good question…well, it felt like a sort of rough-ish (man-ly?) sheepskin interior and the outside was real soft thick suede. I was a bit shocked at the price too… I think the best part was the detailing in the back, and the thickness of the leather/suede.

PrinceGGucci says:

Well, there’ll come a seller very soon as you step in the store, hehe 🙂
Well,i’d especially Would like to See T&Co charme for bracelet(i have :)).and men’s watches 🙂 loove 🙂

PrinceGGucci says:

Well, there’ll come a seller very soon as you step in the store, hehe 🙂
Well,i’d especially Would like to See T&Co charme for bracelet(i have :)).and men’s watches 🙂 loove 🙂

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