HELP! CHANEL bags Problem & dilemma that i have….so sad

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Forgot to mention that there is no chanel store near me. So i normally buy bags by calling chanel boutiques and chanel stores at NM or Saks. So i cannot see …

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trina leavers says:

i have never had a problem with chanel, but i am going through the same
thing with louis vuitton right now with all the bags smelling awful , we
are paying good money we deserve a perfect bag xoxoxoxo

Joan deeren says:

You really need to go into a store and purchase these bags. I always have
them take out 2 bags so I can look at them and decide. Your best bet is a
chanel store. They usually have 2 or 3 bags you can look at. You need to
wait until a shipment comes in and be there on the first day so you can
decide. The dent in the first bag was probably because Saks showed the bag
a few times, or it was out. Often they send whatever they have. The new
bags that are cut slightly off tells you the person who cut these bags,
didn’t cut the leather straight. You’re paying close to 12K for the 2 bags
and I would return them since they bother you. I would call Chanel and put
in a complaint at their headquarters in NYC. I would call Chanel Corporate.
Call a chanel store and get their 1800# and tell them this is intolerable.
I don’t know where you live but you can try Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. You
can return anything there w/o a problem for months afterward. But you can
tell them your experience and make sure the bag is 100%. I really do think
you need to make a special trip to a chanel store so you’ll be happy

handbaglvr says:

I was just having a conversation with my mom the night before your unboxing
video and I was talking about the Chanel jumbo. I was telling her anytime I
think about taking the plunge to get one, I always back off. I was telling
her about how they’ve changed the gold hardware and that I don’t think I’d
use it much because I would get sick of dealing with the double flap every
time I opened it. Maybe they’ll get rid of the double flap in the future
and it’ll be more user friendly. I’m also not sure about the aging of the
bags. I went into a consignment store and they had Chanel and LV bags. The
LV bags looked gorgeous with the honey patina. The Chanel bags looked
deflated and saggy. My mom even commented on how bad the Chanel bags looked
when we left the store. I’m just not sure about Chanel yet. You made the
right decision to return them. Hopefully they won’t just resell them and
send them back to quality control.

angelbirdbb says:

I totally understand you! Pay that much money, ofcouse you want the bags
are perfect! But I have some problems with my chanel jumbo and medium flap
too, both bags I exchange one time, but the bags are still have little
problem, but I just accepted, it seems hard to find a perfect chanel bag!
And I remember the Chanel manager told me you can don’t buy it if you’re
not satisfy with chanel bag…bla…bla..bla…quite impolite…she even
wanted to say Im the person who like everything is perfect…and it not
true, the both chanel have much big problems than yours! “not balance, have
little scatches, the gold hardware not smooth, the leather problem….but I
really wanted that pink colour, so I just keep it!=(

Szys says:

Stick with what works for u! If u have luck with LV sum tick with the LV, I
heard Christian Dior is great quality! Give them a try!! I’m thinking of
trying one myself!! I love my m/l flap in the lambskin and my jumbo in
caviar with silver, but they are both perfect, and those will prob be the
only 2 bags I will have Chanel! Their prices are out of control! I am
currently gonna sell my Chanel WOC!! But I love my LV’s no problems!! Good

T. Hollis says:

I am so sorry you went through that. I know how you feel. But you are
right! You pay that much money for a purse so you deserve to be upset and
have a bag that is not just ok but perfect. 

xXxEcKyxXx Ashley P says:

Omg hunny im so sorry to hear about your experience! I know how it is when
you’re SOOO excited to get a certain bag; I can only imagine how bummed you
were.. Not once but twice! Personally I’ve owned two Chanel’s preloved, but
am a Louis Vuitton girl at heart, didn’t use them, and sold them. I
absolutely love LV! I’ve considered purchasing a chanel a few times but
I’ve been hearing so much that the quality has diminished over the years.
Definitely sit tight until they get another in, make the trip and check it
out. What’s meant to be will definitely be 😉 I know it’s hard to be
patient and I can tell how much you love the bag. So sorry again this
happened to you- you made the right decision!

Danica Regala says:

You made the right decision. I have 4 chanels and never had problems with
them just always have the dilemma if i really want them or not but i keep
them all. You should definitely go to chanel store and see it for yourself.
Here in italy i always rang them before i go or i ask the SA when is the
shipment and i will go there on the first day so i will have many options.
And by doing so you don’t have to wait and make the return shipment. Hope
you’ll find your perfect chanel. My favorite is the black w/ GHW classic
m/l and boy red patent old medium size. I got 4 lv as well but they are my
medium to larger bags and i stick with chanel for my mini to medium size

ddgladiva says:

I totally agree with you 100% ! For the price we pay for these bags I
wouldn’t be satisfied with those defects and would return them too. It’s
too bad you can’t see the bags in person before you buy them. That’s I have
to go into the store to inspect the bags before I buy. Yes, it can be hard
to find classic flaps in stock. I live in a city visited a lot by overseas
tourist who are constantly buying them. I really hope everything works out
for you eventually

CapeCodBelle says:

I understand how you feel. It seems like the more popular an item or
designer gets, the quality goes down. I bought a Chanel card case (similar
to the one you sold) and I looked at five or six before I found a perfect
one. I waited three weeks for a Louis Vuitton St. Germaine PM and when it
arrived it was clearly defective! Even the SA couldn’t believe it wasn’t
noticed before. I won’t buy luxury goods that aren’t perfect. It’s a lot
of money and I won’t enjoy them knowing that I settled for a flawed piece.
I learned the hard way. You did the right thing sending them back, even if
it makes you sad now. 

HoneyB563 says:

You definitely did the right thing by returning to the bags! Not sure what
happened at quality control?
By in person if you can if you really want to stick with Chanel.
I’m happy with my LV bags but I saw your video on the Chanel mini flap and
I really like it, are you having any issues with that one?
I checked out some of the preloved sites and noticed a lot of the Chanel
bags conditions aren’t that great after a couple years! I’ve had my LV epi
leather petit noe for over ten years and the leather is still in excellent

debbe buhat says:

So sad…. Dont you like Balenciaga bags… Their City bag but its lamb
skin its too soft but it looks nice

Nettie Ward says:

Oh how sad, you are paying so much for these gorgeous bags and you wish
that they would do a thorough check of the item before they send them out.
I don’t think it’s too much to expect to have a perfect bag based on the
amount of money you are paying for them. And no you should never settle
for anything less. I hope you get the bags that you want, after all this
trouble they should give you a discount 😀 LOL….

BmwA5H says:

I’m really sorry about your issues with the bag! No luxury item should have
any defects whatsoever, regardless of price. Good for you to return them.
Even so, 6K isn’t pocket change and they have to be perfect! Maybe try
Dior? – One Chanel and try Dior? Good luck hun! PS my favourite was the
beige with gold. How about trying the medium-large? – -the one smaller than
the jumbo x

Sandra Hutchinson says:

Buying preloved bags isn’t for everyone but I find that all my preloved
bags are of a greater quality than my newer bag’s ,and am talking about
loui vitton! Chanel bags are very beautiful but they age horrible I’ve seen
quite a few and omg, I was thinking about buying the gst but I’ve seen a
few preloved ones and they doesn’t age well! Get yourself a nice mulberry
bag it’s a British brand the quality of the leather is way better than

Suzy Rouman says:

Thank you dear for sharing your experience as well as your frustration. It
is stressful for you , an eye opener for others . Have you ever considered
LV St. Germaine. It comes in Dune, Noir, and Arour . All beautiful colors .
I also would love to hear your thoughts on the LV trevi pm. Wish you a
great week 🙂 

MSpanders10 says:

I am so sorry to hear about your experience, but you did the right thing
for what you paid for the bag it should be in perfect condition. I can
understand your frustration about sending the bags back so disappointing
especially when you were so excited.

Christy J says:

Gosh, that stinks….I agree with you…you absolutely did the right
thing…you pay so much for a purse, you should get the perfect bag.
Hopefully Chanel will hear these complaints too…if they continue to
increase the cost, the quality should be better too! On a side note, how do
you always manage to have the perfect hair, makeup and outfit? I don’t know
how you do it!!! Blessed. 

matthewlikesLV says:

That’s very upsetting. My first and only chanel piece I bought had loose
threads on the back, the SA cut them off and I still purchased because I
was on vacation and it was the only one in the states I found. Sorry to
hear about this. I think maybe you should wait, maybe buy preloved, or move
onto a brand like Dior or buy a more exclusive runway Louis Vuitton piece
that is coming soon 🙂 

MyLuxury Indulgences says:

ITA with your issues and it is so sad. I saw a few jumbos that looked so
off! This is why I have been buying jewelry lately. Makes me so mad. My
advice, can you have your sa send you detailed pics before she sends? I
have had one even send a quick video showing all angles. HA!

Kelly Moore says:

I had a similar problem with Chanel. I purchased a bag from the Chanel
boutique in Saks and it had scratches on it. I returned it for a refund.

Cup_of_ T says:

Feel sorry to hear bout your experience. When I got my first chanel in the
local store, my SA showed me a lambskin flap bag with a lot of scratches on
it. Although its a display item,I would expect to see a flawless ones too
lol. I know, that’s just me. Too picky.

Beth Jensen says:

This makes me want to be so mad at Chanel, and it just galls me that they
raise their prices to the point of absurdity!! I think that you should not
give up, because the jumbo is such a beautiful and timeless bag.. But, you
def. need to find your way to the boutique, so that you can inspect the
bags in person! Good luck to you

christine zhao says:

Very disappointed dear ! U will get the perfect bag soon 🙂 

CJW says:

Hi LVlover cc,
Just to let you know that Trina Leavers is selling her cream jumbo lambskin
+ gold hardware + authenticity card, it is in pristine condition with all
the authenticity cards, she is asking £3000 = about $4500 (?), xxcat
see her video below:

thankstofashion says:

It’s not you who needs to be sorry dear…such a sad story! I can understand
completely. Today I was very sad because of a bag too. The Mansur Gavriel
one. You can see it on my last Youtube video. I sent that bag back after
chasing it for the last 12 months and it broke my heart. Xoxox

Robin S says:

Hi CC, I feel your pain, as you know I had a similar experience with my
Chanel shopper. I feel so bad for you, because I know how much you wanted
that bag. I was recently in Chanel this weekend and spoke to one of the
SAs about the denting in the bottom of my bag and mentioned about your
experience and she commented that the bags are hand made therefore we
cannot expect absolute perfection, but the quality of the bags remain the
highest quality. Hmmm

Irisa Hu says:

Chanel always has the quality problem. I have mini CH in red color with the
golden hardware. The hardware started to have color faded after it was used
only 4 times…..can you believe that?!!!! That’s why I turned to LV. LV
has the best quality on both leather and hardware.

Chanelbuddy255 says:

Sorry to hear about your dilemma. When I was watching your unboxing, I felt
like rushing to the store coz I’ve been wanting a double flap as well. Now
I have to really inspect the bag if I go and purchase one. Have a glass of
champagne and stop thinking about it for now. Cheer up dear!!!!!

Stanleydragonjr says:

Good ,I’m glad you returned it,sorry for all your trouble,next time make
the sa send you a video and pictures of the whole bag before they ship it

kikay beta says: for being so honest , I think ypu are right . Spending that much
money ofcourse you want something that is perfect

Annie W says:

Oh no, thanks for sharing! Don’t be sad, hope you are feeling better now.
I really feel for you, but I am confident that you will find the perfect
Chanel bag that is just right for you in due course. I know it 🙂 

Raspberry Penny says:

I am glad you returned both. I won’t keep bags with defeat…just be
patient to wait for next shipment. Meantime, maybe go and buy your
Montaigne MM in cheerful colour to cheer you up!

Brittany Schiel says:

I have not had this problem with luxury brands. I had that problem with
three limited edition coach bags and then I was done with the brand. MK
too. They are mass produced with many quality control issues. As far as
Chanel goes, don’t give up. I have two suggestions. One is to wait until
you go on vacation and buy one. Not only will you see it in person but you
can add to it by having the memory of when you bought it and where. My
second is to contact the SA named Charles at the Chicago NM store. He is
absolutely fantastic and can’t do enough to help. Highly recommended from
personal experience.

Alice Ng says:

I m not surprised to hear that. This has been discussed in the Purse Forum
since few years ago. I m kinda disappointed with Chanel too. My advice
is….go for Hermes. If u still wanna get a Chanel then get it when u hv
chance to visit their stores. :)

MaryAndTheDogs says:

Are your bags made in France or in Italy? I have just gotten a beige double
flap with gold hardware, which was made in France and after watching your
video, took it out of the dustbag and you know what? I think the outer flap
is slightly uneven! Very small difference, but it’s there. Kind of “longer”
on one side, shorter on the other 🙁 And I got it from Chanel boutique,
just didn’t examine it very closely but now I see it too.

Also, on my recently purchased jumbo a thread came loose though they were
able to fix it at the boutique right away. On my mini a piece of leather
started sticking out from within the chain. And on the inner side of the
handle on my black GST there is a thread sticking out…Gotta take it to
the boutique to be examined. So I don’t know. Maybe Chanel is really having
some quality problems.

peacef77 says:

You have enough bags…hehehe, but I don’t know have you though about van
cleef & arpels alhambra or what about cartier love bracelet, JUC, I don’t
want to be rude but I think I rather buy different lux items from different
timeless lux houses. Xoxo

Jac1 Mac1 says:

I’ve had some bad experiences with LV’s quality recently, from heavily
creased thin leather on the speedy B handles, to an Insolite organiser that
wasn’t symmetrical (almost 2cm out) and the zip stopped way short, if I’d
bought this online I’d be convinced it were fake. I took photos and emailed
them to customer service (I have no store in my state either). I explained
to the manager and he said to ask for him to review all my pieces prior to
sending out, which is annoying as i can’t just simply purchase with
confidence online. It is disappointing because the quality should be at a
standard near perfection for these prices for both LV and Chanel.. You did
the right thing sending yours back. xx

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