Hella Haul: Chanel, Nars, YSL, Shiseido and More

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Products Mentioned: THIS WORKS Perfect Look Skin Miracle THIS WORKS Perfect Legs Skin Miracle THIS WORKS Skin Defense SPF 30 SHISEIDO Benefiance Enriched Sof…

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jollyhatgirl says:

Holt’s is getting rid of Burberry? I’m guessing (hoping) the Burberry
counter is just moving to Saks or the Bay since Saks is coming to Canada!

strawberrybath says:

Holts & Burberry are evillll for breaking up! So sad…anyway.. Miss your
hauls! :)

Roxane Nakamura says:

great haul, i got a sample of the skinceuticals physical fusion uv defense
spf 50..it has a tint to it and goes on nicely….fyi…..^.^

Rocksugar10 says:

You are one of my favorites. Have you seen the new clinique pop blushes.

WildDoveX says:

I’m glad Atelier came out with rollerball bottles so people could try the
fragrance for an extended time at relatively low cost before purchasing a
full bottle (or not).

shoeaddict79 says:

Your videos are always such a joy to watch. Thanks for sharing the
products you purchased. It’s given me some ideas for sunscreen and

Pb Pink says:

LOVE this video and YOU!! you make me so happy!! you remind me of one of my
best friends!! need to discuss this hair stuff with you, i wash every day
and i have to or i feel dirty! how do i stop?!? checking out this just
works pronto…..

Pearlygirl0 says:

I went on a road trip and lost touch with all youtube-ness. Then I came
back, and you’re one of the first channels I watched again. I missed your
hauls! You’re awesome Koko :)

bluberi68 says:

You really have fantastic taste in skincare and makeup. I have bot
Shiseido for years but never like the Benefiance Foaming Cleanser as it
felt to squeaky clean but you kept saying how you love it. I tried it
again.foam it up before applying on my face and viola! It is LOVE! Thank


i love your videos!your skin looks amaizing!you should try one apivita mask
i love and is suitable for dry skin,the rose clay face mask,you will see a
clean and bright skin !its a greek natural product i use 3 years now and i
really recommend it!kisses from Greece

Sexydivaliciouz says:

Hey gal, Burberry Blossom is still available on Nordstrom website if you
are interested. I got mine from there and absolutely love it.

LipstickandGlitter says:

koko, do you mean Burberry is just pulling out of Holt Renfrew stores or is
the line being discontinued in general? If it’s the latter then I don’t get
why…they have a beautiful range of quality products!

JTupper29 says:

Sephora does carry the rose. i believe it’s called Rose Anonyme. My store
doesn’t carry any of them in the actual store but I ordered online. Not
sure about the ByTerry one- I’ve never smelled it. However you can always
order samples directly from Atelier’s website. Their scents are wonderful!

dyanaskim says:

Thank you for replying. I didn’t realize you mentioned about that until I
saw the video for the second time. I guess I just wanted your input about
different products, because you have helped me so much. Now that I’m a
little older, I’m more focused on using the best products to help growing
old gracefully, rather than experiment on gimmicky or just okay stuff. Just
a bit of OCD in me. LOL. I wish I get to see your videos more often, but
then I totally understand life preventing you from doing so. Thanks again. 

PinkCookie62 says:

Great video Koko. I always enjoy watching u. Girl your hair is absolutely
gorgeous, Love the curl u had going! I’m def gonna check out that Ojan oil.
Their stuff tends to smell fantastic. You have me wanting the ysl blushes!
: ) Xo!

VeryTeri says:

Hey Koko! I am totally with you on any product that says “firming” on it as
well, haha. Such a sucker for that word, even though at the back of my mind
I know that there really is nothing other than plastic surgery/an in-office
procedure to permanently tighten and tone. Actually, have you ever tried Dr
Perricone’s Advanced Face Firming activator? It contains a VERY high
concentration of DMAE (which research has shown to give you an insane
tightening/lifting effect with continued use). It’s a short-term effect,
but I apply it on a regular basis and it legit tightens and firms your skin
for like a week. It’s crazy. It also has several impressive anti-oxidants
thrown in there for good measure (alpha lipoic acid is one of them), but I
really only buy it for the DMAE. Anyway, you should definitely look into it
and give it a trial run. I’m not even a Perricone fan (at ALL), but in my
opinion it’s the only Perricone product actually worth purchasing. Anyway,
I’ve gone off too much – great haul!

MooseMe says:

You literally remind me of Naomi Campbell in your facial features! Like,
it’s ridiculous! Gorgeous!

Kei Gee says:

I love your hauls!!!!! Seriously trust your judgement on products! Xo

makeupbydisha says:

Plz do a updated HG video !!! I freakin love your videos lol


this was a big ‘mofo’ haul…lol 😀 so many great products
& girl your hair…so gorgeous! :)

So Poshified says:

Great haul! The NARS cleanser might be reminiscent of the Shiseido one,
because Shiseido owns NARS (and now, Burberry as well.) I cannot wait to
get my hands on Russet! :)

Jennifer Streete says:

Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy your vids. Especially your hauls. 

Myna Delcour says:

everytime you do video, i am always happy specially with all your skincare
stuff. thanks for sharing

Miriam Lee says:

I’m curious if you have heard of nerium – it might only be in the states
but it’s supposedly a “miracle” item… A little skeptical to try but was
wondering your thoughts… 

Ethan Pamyu says:

you are so much fun! always cheer me up 🙂 

Anthony lopez says:

omg you’re so funny i don’t even think is intentional 

Brooke Markovitch says:

Always enjoy your videos!! I have been having hair/scalp issues for a
while. Oily scalp, dry hair. Ugh. I typically wash every other day. Any

mariaisabella2272 says:

i know those YSL cream blushes are the BEST!!! there is nothing like that
in the market.. another product that is very nice and colors are amazings
are those creamy/liquid from Guerlain, they have some shimmer though..
instead the YSL are completely mat and natural! so amazing, I am glad you
have tried those. and I don’t know if it’s just me… but those YSL
lipgloss stain smell bad to me,(at least the previous version)

Elektra Dogwood says:

What nail polish are wearing? It is gorgeous!

swedishlina says:

I’m so glad to see a video from you. You are an absolute favorite of mine
and I’ve been watching you for years. I always end up loving the products
you recommend, even thou my wallet doesn’t. You had picked up quite a few
things I have been having my eyes on and can’t wait to hear back on a lot
of these products. I will have to try the YSL blushes, since you LOVE them.
Lots of love from Australia 

palpak06 says:

Can you pls do a full review of the ole henricken youth activating oil ?
Thanks !

echolalia85 says:

What nail polish shade are you wearing?

chloedid says:

HG video!! <3

JTupper29 says:

L’Atelier colognes are amazing! The Rose one is my HG perfume!! but I have
been enjoying the Orange Sanguine lately too..

Miriam Lee says:

as always, watching your videos makes my wallet a little lighter. =) 

dyanaskim says:

Please do a holy grail products video of 2013, or better yet thus far. It
makes my day to watch your videos, and I value your opinions very much.
Thank you! 

thebettina6 says:

I started using Shiseido last year, based on your reviews, and my skin has
never been happier. I have put the YSL cream blushes on my wish list– I
hardly every use powders anymore. I’d love to see a review of the La Roche
Posay sunscreen. I have a favorite liquid (“ultra light”?) of theirs that I
always go back to; it’s the only one that doesn’t leave a white cast on my
face. I’ve been curious about their other ones.

Junjun8703 says:

The Burberry counter at Vancouver holts has already gone…The sales there
said Tom Ford is coming in March, which I’m quite excited. But still, can’t
believe Burberry’s gone! :(

TiMalice2009 says:

All the products are so interesting….

TiMalice2009 says:

Good to know about the Caudalie cleansing water. I just ran out of my
bioderma and need something I can get in the US. 

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