Haute Couture Means "No Limit": Elie Saab | Access Middle East

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Haute couture means “No limit” says Elie Saab, founder and chairman of the fashion label that carries his name.

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Gina G says:

My reply to Sylla Atlas comment: I disagree. Couture is in a person's gifted hands and design mind not the country. Couture can be anywhere. But if you don't have a famous name it won't be considered as couture. So many talented people in this world sewing and designing from basements, attics, closets lol! The term couture overtime has been completely misunderstood. Everyone is saying this is couture this is couture. Well no it's not. Just remember, if your sewing machine touch it then it's no longer considered couture. If you purchased the fabric from your local fabric store, then it's no longer considered couture. Couture is completely handsewn the fabric is completely hand made. The design is original.

Cristina Moreno says:

High Couture!! Pure artesanía .Nice

Emhal Alghuzy says:

I hope to open a branch of the Elie Saab brand in Iraq.

Crystal Yeow Ching Ching says:

See you guys in Dubai.

heiat heider says:

احسن مصصم ايلي صعب انتظر كوليكشن تبعك بفارغ الصبر دائما 😍

Achuchu Bam says:

Oh my gawd he's very charming, is he gay?

AJ Avila says:

For years I thought Elie Saab was female until I saw this.

Madina Vadache says:

Labor is cheep in Lebanon that why he is their

Maria das Santos says:

Where are the women?In Paris the artisans are women,mostly,yet here they are men,again why?Yet the haute couture is mostly for women.

Smileyrie James says:

So many incredible designers for haute couture & truly unique wedding dresses are from the Middle East & are mostly men. Fascinating when you consider how many Muslims are in those countries & the Hajib & cultural restrictions between men & women.

Crystal Glitterrss says:

There are only Arab Country I only know and that’s from Lebanon with diversity and talented.

SuperModerngranny says:


Kevin Napier says:


Liz Peña says:

Que bello y humilde


My dream to create my brand pray for me to realise my dream before daying 😘

raju shaha says:

Elie saab you are the best. Love from Nepal

أيمن آسر/ayman asser says:

His English very Bad

Nazreen Shaikh says:

mai contact me please sir my number +919820452849

Nazreen Shaikh says:

hi very nice pis Sir

nourhan nour says:

The best one ❤️❤️

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