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Have you seen my San diego vlog?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kW9e9iMc5vA&feature=c4-overview&list=UUn8fkqxdkAaJGFghRxOmGUA Other Places to find me! Twitt…

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MissTiffanyMa says:

i love your portofino shirt!

MissTiffanyMa says:


Kimberry says:

The prada bag

Kimberry says:

Even if your mom has the same why cant you get one?

mai567 says:

How many times can you say definitely???

Jasmine Ervin says:

You should have way more subscribers! Absolutely love your videos! And loving your LV!

MBallure says:

Yes it is (: I mean it doesn’t completely cover yur brows but it helps a lot. It’s also very natural if applied correctly. I would purchase it at Macy’s so that you have the option to return it if all else fails (:

Tree Ma says:

I was looking at that when I was at Ulta, but that will be my next purchase now! Is it called gimeme brow?

Tree Ma says:

You’re too sweet. Thank you!

Tree Ma says:

My shirt is from Express! It’s the Portofino blouse. (:

DeeSobeautiful says:

Hey ladies I’m having a giveaway if you would like to enter feel free 🙂

MBallure says:

Hey girly, I love your vids and your lil sisters (: ADVICE ALERT!!haha .. I also get bald spots on my eyebrows and I decided to try out the new benefit tinted brow gel. It is amazing, it actually helps to grow out some of my bald spots and it keeps the coverage of the existing bald spots all day. Try it out (: it about $20 at benefit. Oh and no I don’t work there lol..just love the product and thought I’d share it .. Good luck girly(:

itsniquenique45 says:

Lol “a cap stealing fairy”. Yes please review those foundations. Tell us if you think they would work on oily skin please

Huong Lilly Dinh says:

It would be the world for you to follow me on IG!

Huong Lilly Dinh says:

I love your LV! My sister has the cream beige one x
The style itself is so classy, you’re so lucky!

Monique Men says:

I love your taste in fashion! Congrats on the bag! :-)

PrettySimpleCute says:

I love watching your videos 🙂

Emily Dao says:

your videos are so good! you deserve way more subbies <3

heyyykattt says:

cute shirt!

Grace Espiritu says:

I’m prolly your size and zara sizes runs big on me, even the shoes rubs big. Too bad cos i really like their clothes!

Amy Guo says:

I love your shirt that youre wearing! Where did you get your shirt from?

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