Haul! Sephora & Chanel

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For a pic of the Chanel Bel-Argus nail polish shown in the video, check out my blog post here for my thoughts!: http://www.makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com/20…

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EsposaPerfecta says:

Guerlain sun in the city highlighter review pls pls pls

SuperBelieber2012 says:

what’s the best foundation?

Beautyandshoesaddict says:

I’m a huge fan of Chanel’s blushes, it smell so good !

ella85ful says:

No, I blaming you for making buy some of the product u purchase. Ha,ha.:)

MissBeautiful987 says:

Which would you say you like and use more: Makeup Forever HD Foundation or the BB Cream?

Sophia Fernsler says:

Umm. Ya sure so beautiful

elexus ford says:

What the hell does it matter if her eye lashes are fake? Your just trying to point out something because she beautiful, if you have a problem with her stop watching her channel jerk!

Maggie Mae says:

Does she claim that they’re real?

Taylor C says:

Your fake lashes obviously falling off in this video just confirms that your lashes are always fake.

Isabel Ortiz says:

Whats your nationality ? And can you please do a draw my life tag !!

Cynthia Villarreal says:

I’ve heard a lot of good things about hour glass products. I am sold and need to try em out.

Trude Ellingsen says:

Love that you take time to review your hauls. Otherwise what’s the point? I might as well watch commercials! Hope others catch on. 🙂

SweetToothedAnna says:

I love your energy in this video. Enthusiastic and excited. I love it.

TatianaPetry says:

I can’t afford anything from hourglass lol

Makeupbyportia says:

Please film a video on tip for packing and moving your makeup

stev9079 says:

every three months

MsBabybluebell says:

You’re new background is took busy

missrebecca8 says:

love watching your videos, I recently went to sephora and also did a haul 🙂

nina12345678917 says:

your eyelash is falling off I think >.< Haha it is ok just noticed it. I know too late for that. love your videos

JolieJanaa says:

Oupssss just finish ur vidéo so got my answer sorry

JolieJanaa says:

Love ur face today what did u used on ur cheek u look so fresh tutorial please

za226529 says:

Your hair looks extra good

jeanhsyt says:

you look GORGEOUS TODAY! PLS DO TUTORIAL on ur make up today!!!

PinotVino says:

well then it’s a good thing you unsubscribed. Enjoy!

kaitlynlester says:

oh! thankyou! thats cleared that up! 🙂

kaitlynlester says:

Not bitter, just over superficial people being considered admirable! She bought shit that was marketed at her for more than it is worth!!! And people are congratulating her? :/ I’ve unsubscribed, i’d rather watch eldad75 anyday!!!!

PinotVino says:

you seem bitter. 🙁

Tiffany Good says:

I’ve always wondered this, but what’s Brad’s occupation?

Jill Campbell says:

thats what a haul is…they show you what they bought…

kaitlynlester says:


kaitlynlester says:

So your entire video considered of you spilling materialistic blabber from your mouth. You’ve become a complete snob and and unbelievably boring to watch.Basically it went like this ” Hi guys i bought this and this and this and this blah blah blah and then i bought this….. i hope you liked it and i’ll see you guys soon, bye”
Way to suck the passion out of beauty…….

Jacee Bacon says:

Please do a makeup tutorial on Angie miller

Jitlada Arab Shah says:

can you show us all the brush you had? tq

CorieMAC1 says:

Hey Everyone IF you actually care please read on! Thanks A BUNCH!
Its really tough to get noticed because there are sooo many gurus!!
I make HD Videos, Post Often!!!
Could you take the time to check me out?
Please like this so everyone can see!
It would make my day if you could maybe subscribe! Thanks Loves!

Dolly Mandel says:

I know the feeling when you say the packaging sucks you in i feel the same i work with them for 15 years so when you get a product in the mail for free it’s Exiting!!! take care ok love ya..D.M.

sara h says:

love all your videos .. but they all seem to have some forced marketing and advertising all the time to your sigma brush line 🙂 .. try to reduce that a bit so the videos can flow naturally ..but all in all .. i like your videos.

Glory Eriksen says:

How did you decide on Waylon’s name?

BulaVieve says:

Hi there! I’m Bulavieve, I’m 16 and I just started a new beauty channel.I put a lot o hard work in makeing my video so I’d really love it if you’d stop by and check them out! I hope you give me a chance and subcribe if you want to see more 😀

emac1081 says:

How does your husband feel about you doing YouTube video’s?

emac1081 says:

Coffee or tea? How do you take it? And how many cups a day?

Sarah Breakstone says:

Do you have a day time job or is this your full time gig?

andrea hutton says:

Do you ever use yves st Laurent false lash mascara? I’ve tried lots over the years but always come back to it! Great make up Tiffany xx

chiwawa104 says:


TheZen2580 says:

Also you are so pretty, a joy to watch and I love hauls! You also have Amazing hair, never take it for granted! Stay sweet, Zen-

TheZen2580 says:

I purchased all 6 Shades of the Hourglass Ambient Powders and 2 were way too chalky and too light for me, they say every skin tone can wear all 6 colors, SO NOT TRUE! The only ones that worked for about 2-3 hours and then wore off was the Dim and the Radient. Radient has a lot of sparkle and bronze and Dim is more of a flesh tone with sheer shimmer. I had to take them all back especially Mood the pinkish lavender one!

VCarmonaREIS says:

Love the Chanel bronzing universal, very unique product and smells Divine!!

Marilynn Ballines says:

I just watched your video (I’ve watched this one as well) on ure tutorial for the Chanel Bronzer and I honestly never get my hopes up on high end products bc I know I can’t afford them but I really would love to have this product…. Lol idk if I should thank you or not for getting me to want to buy this or not since it must be so darn expensive :/ lol!!! Great video though, I would’ve left a comment on there but it wouldn’t let me

SuperAuntieEm says:

Gr8 vid! I was excited to see what you got from Chanel b/c I too am a sucker for that gorgeous logo!!! Now I want that gloss, & the Soleil Tan De Chanel;) Pls. answer this question in your Questions Video: Do you have a job, not meaning to offend at all, but do you work outside of YouTube at all?? I am really super curious, pls. answer!!!! Thx. 😉

heather velez says:

This video won’t work for me :/

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