Handbag Review: Chanel 2.55 Small Classic Flap Bag

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EmpressTg says:

beautiful bag awesome review!!

evanschica1 says:

Oh my goodness. It can’t be the camera that bag just looks so lush. I just want to touch it!

babiigurlzlol says:

the screws doesnt always have to be off. I bought mine from NM and they are actually symmetrical.

christine markussen says:

You are so beautiful ;)) love your rewiue 😉 thank u

Annie Wong says:

Lovely 🙂 I just got the Chanel classic 2.55 jersey quilted flap reissue bag from the Chanel boutique near my place and it was the only piece there. So love it! This is an addition to my vintage Chanel classic 2.55 burgundy jumbo classic flap bag from the late 1990s… which i still take it out for special dates.

Shweta Manohar says:

This is the most detailed review of chanel bag, thumbs up…. 🙂

Anny Aguilar says:

You must be rich

midgreen100 says:

Excellent and very well described! Thanks!

Bag Lush says:

Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Ebay has quite a few sellers but it is hard for me to endorse without knowing for sure. I’ve got a couple on baglush.com

elfella1 says:

you are the best! i really want one so badly) I was on ebay searching for one, do you have any suggestions or any sellers you know who sells authentic ones?

Bag Lush says:

Ah you are totally right, I mostly own vintage so thanks for that correction!

californiablue9 says:

Very much enjoyed your review, however the newer classic flaps in black caviar will have the burgundy interior just like the lambskin. They started doing that in late 2010/ early 2011.

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