Guo Pei | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Guo Pei | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2019 by Guo Pei | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

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Mia Stardoll says:

She's incredible

Dan Piedra says:

Impossible not to be in awe of the attention to deal and amazing creativity.

Aseel H says:

I swear gui pei lives in year 3000
Soooo out of this world
Soooo different and original
She’s one of a kind

Steven Wang says:

I wish there were more Asian models. These coutures looked amazing on the Asian models..

Shoz Chel says:

I kinda wish there where some more Asian models. I think I counted 1 or 2

C Matters says:

Goi Pei you truly use all your artistic skills you are my favorite

BeginPanicAttack says:

guo pei is my drug


A lot of expensive chinese waitress uniforms for expensive chinese restaurants.

Paul FIRMIN says:

0:37 i feel like the sheer fabric with the gold hem cheapens the dress

0:55 Cute
01:47 Meh. Nevermind, the back is everything
02:30 i would have loved for the dress to hit the floor. The head piece though !

03:00 the top looks ill-fitting but again the head piece, amazing

03:08, 03:26 no no's


04:10 Meh

04:35 Nope

05:00, 05:16 Cute

05:40 Thank U, next

06:00, 06:30, 06:48 Weirdly satisfaying

07:11, 07:37 WORK

07:58 Nope

08:20 Looooooove the red, interesting but on the fence
08:40 My god, yes
09:15 Egyptian realness
09:40 Love, love, love
09:53 I'm into that
10:09, 10:30, 10:54 WOW FACTOR

11:40 Meh – 12:10 In Love

Overall, great, great collection. Love me some Guo Pei 😀

Huy Ta says:

so richly detail designed n elegant.

vidform says:

I liked the dress with the large dragon at 10:48.

vic vic says:

what is that classical stringed instrument piece? i cant rememeber

Personal Email says:

this collections lack lustre compared to her past works. like she was trying to keep up/show off to the other fashion houses.

Djad Makeup says:

Trop beau !!!😍👍

James Slusher says:

Stunning. Otherworldly. Unequaled craftsmanship. This designer was born to do what she's doing. A pleasure to watch.

T S says:

Oh my god! I’m addicted to that feeling of being transported to another universe with every single look, the show was just absolutely BRILLIANT! and left my jaw dropping till the end!!!!

Gil Perez says:

Every model has to earn their money walking on them shoes.

Elyod Yrok says:

Oh. My. Gawd. This show had so many WOW moments. The embroidery was beyond exquisite. Brava!

Chandra Satrio says:

She's more matured rather than her last collection. Some tasteful and classy pieces. Some others bring the exaggerated Chinese culture and folklore.

Donna Schur says:

Finally! It was as amazing as I expected and I really appreciate the slow pace of the models, (not that they could dare walk any faster in those shoes), there’s so much to see on each piece.

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