Guo Pei | Haute Couture | Spring/Summer 2018

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Diva 63 says:

Mesmerizing 💕

FishM86 says:

Many people judge but they dont know what means haute couture.. It is non-functional fashion collection that serve to present brands and gives inspiration to the fashion industry.. Guo Pei takes a breath away.

Yukiazu says:

Incredible ♡

Faerie Snow queen says:

Beautiful magical clothing <3

Anna says:

Wow these designs look incredible! 😯

19FizZ91 says:

Wow that first dress had me emotional grrrrl!

yona ami says:

Me: look at the heels
Also me: what are those!!!!!

Alexandra Barron says:

The music please someone!!

Solis Invictus says:

I am in awe and in love

Tracy Thokchom says:

Woww I'm speechless 🌸🌸🌸💝💝

Georgette Williams says:

Stunning artistry

Rokk Unikate says:

Das ist Kunst in Vollendung.

Olokunful says:

If China still had an Emperor, she would be their exclusive designer. What a talent!

Selen B says:

Beautiful Beautiful!!!! Gorgeous!! Thank You for This Show. ^¡^

BLINK GreenTeaAddict says:


Julie Huegel says:

Bad costumes 🤣

YK C says:

I guess the theme of this art is to convey the mother nature’s beauty. But I thought it’d be also good if the themes itself could be more abstract rather. Because the branch looking wearables look very unstable on models’ head. It is rather carried not worn to me. Overall it really is romantic and mysterious. I wonder what the ready to wear would be.

Amber Okines says:

It just looks tacky and like a 6year old designed it. Its terrible sculpture and the form isnt right, the way it moves when the model moves doesnt look elegant or smooth at all. I understand fashion is meant to be art and a showcase as i study fashion but this is just a disgrace to couture, couldve been done so much better. However i enjoyed the performance but alot of the models look awkward in the way they move or hesistate before moving. Just my opinion but it looks sooooo tacky and couture is supposed to be about detail, beauty and elegance and this is not that.

Sideways says:

I love this collection! I wish I could see it close up!

alice ho says:


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