Gunna Responds To Sauce Walka Clowning His Chanel Bag

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Gunna Responds To Sauce Walka Clowning His Chanel Bag
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SWERVO 1997 says:

Nigga think jus cause it expensive it cool to wear my nigga bitches wear purses dawg 💯 niggas sus af ion even listen to today’s rappers fr niggas really be fags fr wearin purses ,an painting they nails wat type shit is tht then swear they toughest nigga around ion get it 🤡

Altitude Rhymes says:

Well the man is signed to Young Thugs record label. What more do you expect from this guy🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

anotherway18 says:

What is this world coming to

Raynard Jenkins says:

These new niggaz are just a bunch of "sweet potatoes "

K.B. USA says:

These niggas are some hoes

Katina !!!! says:

Sadly "Gunna might be gay"

rio rio says:

This nigga gay asf

Slim Capone says:

I thought chanel was just 4 women anyway. Or am I wrong?

King Dolo says:

Young thug pimped all these niggaz

Maddtrucker love says:

These niggas be suspect as hell..


Niggas in my hood NAMED GUNNA , NEVER wear purses n BAGS , this tight shit fucking up hip hop

The white family. says:

Never heard of this dude. Nigga quick to buy the Gucci and Louie but won't go buy black own clothing! Ignorance is bliss

robin baby says:

He's gay period unless he dumb

Bryan Lopez says:

Gunna a bitch


New rappers be like I’ll put anal beads in my ass before I put beads in my braids

lesha xoent says:

We all no wat u did for that an the fact u wearing a purse an think cuz it costs u good
…nope u r officially one of the queers. We know wat u did in the dark

C A says:

bet yall didnt kno gunna was bi sexual…make since now dont it 😘

Eddy Nunez says:

These New rappers be gay asf man

TheSco415city says:

All u new gen kids rockin gay ass shit. For real

Motorcity B says:

You can't be talking about another man's purse 😂😂😂

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