Gucci Sylvie 2018 Campaign

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Debuting the new campaign for Gucci Sylvie featuring the archive-inspired bag designed by Alessandro Michele. Faye Dunaway plays a Beverley Hills mother to actress Soko in a new film by Petra Collins.

Creative director: Alessandro Michele
Art director: Christopher Simmonds
Music: Telescope, composed by Pino Donaggio
Published by EMI Golden Torch Music Corp.
c/o Sony/ATV Music Publishing

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Pedro Lázaro says:

Nice and Creepy

ilana Yes says:

This is your coolest ad yet. LOVED that you used Faye Dunaway! Your new collections are rad and I can't even begin to describe them, even though I just did.

Messylin says:

Haha, Faye was so Joan Crawford in this ad… I LOVE IT. This is a real movie star!!!

Marty Marti says:

Me watching this pretending like this is life when I can’t even afford Gucci Oxygen

glitterhoe l o r i says:

I always love seeing work from Petra Collins 💕

Alper Kara says:

why is this world so beautiful?

Junior Poris says:

Hermoso ♡

Fariz Lubis says:

Gucci Hallucination > Gucci Sylvie

Male Model Corp says:

i thought she was going to kill her and keep her clothes and bags

Hans Daniel De Castro says:

An expensive lifestyle.

Avery Thompson says:

I love this. If you are unfamiliar with Faye Dunaway, please refrain from commenting on her looks. She is legend.

Jatin Sonkar says:

👎 didn't like the music. Didn't like this TVC. I only liked the TVC on Gucci's original Website

Wpierdolka Ktoś says:

Where's hazza? #PL

Fashion Criticism says:

I don't know why, but I love it

Ainsley Illium says:

Awww…..such a sweet movie!!! I miss Mama now!!!!😢😢😢😢


I Love Gucci 🐅❤️

Ben Pallack says:

That old lady looks so botoxed

Mafer Zegarra says:

I don’t know why I was expecting to see Harry…

TAL says:

Soko 💖💖💖

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