Gucci Mane x Future “Die A Gangsta” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Audio)

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Listen to the official audio of ‘Die A Gangsta’ by Gucci Mane x Future.

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José Meirinhos says:

Gucci dont put the drugs away
Use cocaine for fuel lol
Burr burr its gucciii

Hilarieo says:

The beat is "100 Racks" Basically :/

Wsnickdunk says:

damn. anybody eva heard FGE cypher b4. If you have let me know if the beat reminds you of it.. sounds nearly the damn same. Still Go hard asf tho dont get me fucked up

Moet Blaze says:

gucci been the trap god he invented this genre new fans wouldnt understand! #KingGuwop


future fucking snapped bro… but i wish he'd give the collab tapes a break.. we aint ate since purple reign/evol

Cawil Omar says:

its official future rap career is over ,haven't like a song of his since rich sex and since hes trying to become commercial wit drake abandoning his real hip hop roots im sry its wack future part gucci killed tho

Damn! Wtf? says:

the 2 trap gods ??

Logic Snippz says:


Seth Brewer says:


Jerry Terry says:


AMbITIONz907 says:

Mainstream Gangstas lol.

Galick Gun Clips says:

My fav song on the tape

Caleb Woods says:

Bruu I Dont want to hear shit about no auto tune , this man Future done made his own way since astronaut status . QUIT HATING on a the man thats riding through atl in a lamborghini , or whatever fucking foreign he want , sit your broke ass down.

Brenda doubleliciouslife says:

Best song on mixtape frfr!!!!

DanK.98 says:

my god future is pure garbage. how can anyone listen to this


Too much future not enough Gucci on this tape #wack

Restricted | Ark Productions says:

Yall need to peep "Drought" by Gucci, swear.

prodbyjozu says:

shit bounce

Derek A says:

100 racks.

Trippy Trash says:

Future didn't do his best on this tape but he still LIT!! ?? Most of y'all sleeping on him.

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