Gucci Mane – Servin’ (Official Music Video)

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Gucci Mane’s single. “Servin” off of “Trap God 2” (Official Music Video)

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David Jones says:

Gucci : greatest nigga to ever touch a mic

Detric Perkins says:

Free Gucci ?

Gregory Haynes says:

Does anyone know what kind of shades Gucci has on?

Young Teddy says:

he really about that life period not arguing with noone nigga got bodys on him an its documented

Poodini the Great says:

I loved Reading Rainbow and StarTrek! When did he get into music?

Jennifer Mcglothin says:

Free gucci and as for the klu klux kl an this is from a real cracka…fuck u redneck bitches

Jennifer Mcglothin says:

I been doin gucci before trap niggaz knew the deal…..100 gucci love 2 burn one wit ya

Ku Klux the Klown says:

Stupid ass nigger! Thank God the white man locked this bitch nigger up.

Mister Snuffleupagus says:

Gucci get his serve on while I get my swerve on.

blkface harleyboi says:

what CD is this song on??????

bussinessmen100 says:


Joe Doe says:

what type of shoes are those in the beginning?

Rod Adams says:

Gucci! That's all you can say! My Mane!

Ismael Matos says:


Little “KILLaCELEB” Sosa says:

Free Guwop

muto1212 says:

Free Guwapp This Nigga it's living legend realli !

boringperson2345 says:

in 2013 this was the shit.. smoke,chill,and serving was all it was

TightMoneyGripp813 says:

Gucci Mane is a mysterious individual, which is why he's undefeated. Eezy

therealrictuar says:

1:10 all right girl you got me

pinko delux says:

free big guwop

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