Gucci Mane – Out Do Ya [Official Music Video]

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Gucci Mane – Out Do Ya

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Atlien Rider says:

I thought Gucci was hot before he went to prison but now I think he is SEXY AS FUCK! No homo though. I don't go that way.

Jacque Garrett says:

he kills it Everytime

NinjazAreDope Caked Up says:

21 Savage – Oh Ok
which one do you think killed this beat? Young savage or Guwop

51 Savage says:

2,710 people let the feds out do them

21 Savage says:

21 Savage – Oh Ok

kimberly walker says:


likeand subscribe says:

how you let a nigga in DA the feds out do you!!!???

zED b0t says:

man do more of that dope … u are the king :)

Denzel Wiffler says:

everything this nigga puts out is straight fire

Skateclipss says:

Oh ok – 21 savage

hector chavez chavez says:


Celebrate Life says:


Kendall Murphy says:

I can tell Zay remade the Young Dolph "They watching" beat to sound better then sent it to Gucci Lol dope song.

Kick Door says:

man ppl talk shit about new Gucci. but the Man just spent Real time behind bars..

Gally Cejudo says:

guccis my nigga

Hung Ban says:

Who helps people in the store? (clerk)

Daily Exclusive says:

Way more lyrical than jeezy repeating the same two lines every verse FOH…People don't even listen to the lyrics and say Gucci trash.

Luis Sanchez says:

real niggas do they own thang .

Lamont Bennett says:

so many strecth marks on her ass like sum noodles ima still hit it im da thief n da night but i steal in the day my 9 got jealous cus im fuckn wit them thirtys da bitch day i switched i said she a keeper ill send u 2 da reaper if al capone died gangsta u can die 2 nigga nigger naw im da bitch off empire i want it all in i want u fired in ill do it alone meet u at da crossroads n ill dig up ya bones was up ya outta style swag i don even know y u ask is you lookin at my ass reverse that on ya self i got swag i got guns in a man bag women on me thas not a man thats alien from mars pullin fine ones wit no car n no no job i forget i can cop hard now im on da rock gone punch in da clock n tell how was ya day at work ima product of ya ancesters we all related gang related n gangs they hate me thas a sin in u goin 2 hell best of luck to my shotgun shells soak the bullets hell fire in kill yo ass kurt. sosa guwop dat nigga had know me huh honey hun im home lucy gone she in my trunk n ya son in da river

Damien Whiteman says:


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