Gucci Mane – Nonchalant [Official Music Video]

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Gucci Mane – Nonchalant from the album The Return of East Atlanta Santa

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Lindsey rucker says:

scripp club ???

The 1 That made it says:

I haven't seen a video like this ever every single lady was a 10

Orlando htt22 says:

eres el mejor gucci

Akeelos Akeel says:

2pac wake up pls and come and se this bullshit :/ rip 2pac

Kechan Davis says:

check out lmg flatt channel glass city. keepin it real

OfficialYTZ says:

scrip club……..yup dats gucci

King Dawud ♛ says:

Mmg! te escucho desde #Venezuela!

albert huerta says:

Only 217k likes you better be for real

Gucci_Savage82 says:

whoever disliked or dislikes this video you stupid and shouldnt listen to gucco mane anymore

troy foster says:

Gud GUCCI MANE 4 ever.

Akbar McCallum says:

The Js love it how I whip it til my wrist ache skirt skirt skirt ???

cj gotti says:

This shit go hard big Gucci !!!!

Jason Slaughter says:

I was like Damn nigga got sum bad Bitches…….

Alexander Affeldt says:

"I aint got no love for all the fuckboys, still involved in the he say she say" straight fyahhhhh iceee

Bassmaster 88 says:

Gucci and Dolph have the baddest bitches

Spandex415 says:

Likes for the Thickness please fukk

mizzo waveaveli says:

seriously ???? on this!!! #WakeUp!!!?????⚡?

shadowfallenable says:

"Stutter" is the response when talking about a n*gga that is so "nonchalant" that "Drove u crazy" enough to "crash" your car system and "yet" "cant" stop listening to his music even if its for the "Last Time"!! #Respect

ivan bbrandi says:

who is listening this in 2017??

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