Gucci Mane – My Kitchen

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Free Gucci!!!

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Aj Boyles says:

free my man gucci real talk

Slim Duey says:

Free guwop 

Daniel Sandoval says:

So icy breath mints nigga.
So icy Chapstick nigga.
So icy limp gloss NiKKAH!!

matt gray says:

nobody nobody fuck with my kitchen i got pork chops cooking with tators and gravy lol

opppo iuodx says:

yall can keep drake. this is fire

mujib rocki says:

aint no one no one fuck with ma kitchen… dat shit is fucking fire

reaper4131 says:

Them Windows movie maker transitions

Cortion Carter says:

Never fucked with Gucci until I was watching smack dvd and heard this.

Lilbro Rosado says:

yall sum fack ass niggas stfup

Austin Norton says:

Free gucci
Started all this trap shitt

MC Infliction says:

Hahah holy fuck. Anyone remember the DVD that came with this years ago? This was the first Gucci song I ever heard.

Incognitoz says:

Best Track . Banger.

Taxi Rider says:


El Chapo says:


Ivory Smith-Daniels says:

my favorite video of all time


2015 this is still ma shit

Alex Savin says:

2+2 = Chicken Tender yahhhh lol

luigi jimenez says:

this is classic trap, real shit. not like this garbage mumbling shit we got now.

ThirdWorldMafia TWM Ent. says:

Third World Mafia

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