Gucci Mane – Kept Back (Lyrics) feat. Lil Pump

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FutureHype says:

Gotta say i'm excited for Lil Pump's album after hearing this verse 👊🏼

Derrick Johnson says:

Beat lit af

iisadragonborn says:

did this drop on the 14th of aug or is this old and i haven't heard it yet

landon johnson says:


Someone Johnson says:

Never been this early..Love the beat!!

Adam Kelly says:

Who’s watching in 2019?

The Palace Of Dallas says:

Fucking flames. Pump is improving day by day ngl

Fatdabs perez says:

Fresh af. Hell yeah

46avE·:INDIO-GrUmPy TORO says:

Gucci gang !

Isxxc says:

Here before 500 views

Jonathan 3Xten says:

"i"ma show you how i live life" if you havent heard that line before, you never listen to Lil pump

Laniya Darden says:


FightFacts says:

So we all are gonna ignore the fact that Lil Pump says the N word in songs or what???

FightFacts says:

I didnt expect their collab


Dope and lit

cjsocool wolf pack says:

Love it aaaaaah love it

Shayne Super fly says:

1st comment

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