Gucci Mane – Just Like It feat. 21 Savage [Official Audio]

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Gucci Mane – Just Like It feat. 21 Savage [Official Audio]
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Mark Jones says:

21 said the real zone 6! Lololol….Do they have a zone 6 in England? Lol

Angel Vasquez says:


Mia Seals says:

You hoes been sleep on Gucci. Fuck outta here.

Mia Seals says:

Selling QP's @ the QT. Who still doing this? Lol. Me.

Trevor Simcoe says:

Just like it

Flood Top says:

Straight Gangsta

Raf WavvY says:

Beat is filthy 🔥🔥🔥

Mattgo90 says:

Who still listening in 2019?

Tyler Tracey says:

"Start with no keys, I use to ride around with no license"
"The old me woulda robbed Mike Tyson"
".50 cal on me so big gotta jump out the car just to cock it"
"You ain't hard, you just geekin' on Molly"

These two need a fucking album!

Jonah Patton says:

Now we know why savage still ride with no license

Joe says:

Makes me wanna kill someone

B. Harlan says:

That's all Gucci Mane, now I'm looking for stage 2 of " Heavy "…..

Alexandru Ciobanu says:

21 savage,, Fifty cal on me so big, gotta jump out the car just to cock it.

Edrick Keshishian says:

Gucci Mane ft. 21 Deported

Chase N. Paper says:

Dat beat starts out so fucking burly..

Jacob Sanchez says:

Zone 6 niggas don’t lack ridin down Moreland ave nigga I’m strapped😤

Kristopher Diehl says:

Straight smashed this beat this the Gucci I bump and will continue too

Ethan Smart says:

This needa video asap.!

badboybootz8 says:

The old me woulda robbed gucci

Mexsie Jenkins says:

This shit so hard

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