Gucci Mane – Icy Lil Bitch [Official Music Video]

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From the upcoming album Woptober, available 10/14.

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derrick ross says:

bad bitchez

noah stump says:

i wonder how much threesomes gucci had with them and his girl

kødien Kanø says:


Tweezy Vaughan says:

anit fuckin wit jeezy

joehua henson says:

Strait #Cloned that nigga!

Tay Will says:

Trust God FUCK 12 Wop

Natasha Washington says:

Man gucci music fell off.. he not Raw no mo

Darianna Cox says:

burr burr!

Dominic Smith says:

my nigga wop fucking niggas up my boy came home slapping videos all over niggas head 1017 yeaahhh

Kelvin Penafiel says:

i see you shmateo

Effortless Plum says:

i love you gucci ahahah lmfao theres no originals like you left

Kas Cu says:

So much booty

Handsomeassguy 279 says:

they full blown ass naked but the double dose twins wearin pasties

Wraith The1 says:

That damn… Gucci!! Knows how to live Life!!?

Revenant says:

Gucci is slowly going back to his old ways.

helena c says:

Burr burr ?

Luis Rodriguez says:

daaaaaam them bootys tho

Ivory Manning says:

king imprint stupid!!!!!

Dantrelle Payton says:

80 points tho

Dantrelle Payton says:

this video sexy af lol bitches playing in body paint

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