Gucci Mane ft. Fetty Wap – Still Selling Dope

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Gucci Mane ft. Fetty Wap – Still Selling Dope
Produced by Metro Boomin


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rickysk8100 says:

Fuck what you say. That Fetty Wap character is fucking trash.

benzguylv says:

Love the song even tho I don't smoke or sell dope. GOOD SHIT Gucci

Tanya Pena says:

bad ass song

Sticky123456789 says:


Edd Hollis says:

was happenin? yeah yeah yeah. this song makes me feel so cool. hop in my car and see how cool I am. you see what he's talking about? yeah yeah I do that. going to prison doh . but its all good I got global telling dawg. 3 hots and a cot

LaySixty TV says:

That trapology mixtape is flamesssss

Isaiah Flavell says:

gucci mane is the best ..he has literally dropped over a thounsand mixtapes songs albums or whatever …he has still made a lot of songs he jus goes hard…

0000000000000000000 69 says:

some of the wakest crap ever heard

30 Shotz says:

zoowop was leanin.

Govanny Acevedo says:

freee mr guwap!

Jamaica Luv says:

This my shitttt

toto catacora says:

this is the best gucci rap

Ricky Farlon says:

Is Gucci out? How the fuck he making a song with Fetty wap??

MadTight1 says:

Wheeeen a brick was 26, it got me goddamn rich

Victor Torres says:

fetty fucks it up

christian prince says:

a look me up on YouTube christian prince rapping like it share it please

Anthony Torres says:

this song,goes in boy new jam for sure don't hate the playa hate the game guwap nigga

Chase Chadwell says:

" I Got Bricks All In My Walls Maan I Live With The Coke " lolol

Darnell Taylor Jr says:

This bass tho
Gucci the best rapper

SAAD boy says:


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