Gucci Mane – Freaky Gurl (video)

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Freaky Gurl (video)

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NeonGhost DG says:

Mom: you want Mcdonalds
Me: 0:17

WildDrexms says:

Omg the new IMVU ad looks good. 👀 DAYUMMM

Andres Andalon says:

Where. My phoneix gold

Freezy breezy says:

MySpace days!!!

Nima Mehranfar says:

1:22 lmaooo how the director gonna do Gucci like that?

fabian lopez says:

0:44 who Is that girl??

Deonta Williams says:

Whole time he talking bout his whips 😂😂😂

Suade Legend says:

Oh thats your girlfriend? Why dont u introduce me

Jus Lisa says:

I want this Gucci back 😭😭😭 #2019

Shunta Jones says:

Company based inoouniom.statwestated giccoe@s.d.jones

Baxter Jackson says:

I miss ashy lip Gucci

Viliamu Tauanuu says:

Who's still listening in 3/17/2019💃💃💃😝

Gamer4you says:

What the hell is wrong with you

Aquahennyblu dejaboo says:

Back then ..when all the dudes wanted to buy a hummer 😂

chief keef says:


somebody explain

Casey Hoyt says:

Guwop has definitely improved since… this…

Chthonian121 says:

Wow Gucci Mane was fucking terrible back in the day. He's actually very good now. He's mastered his flow and style and everything.

I Am That I Am says:


Torrie Jackson says:

I miss the real gucci..see iono who or what this is parading around as gucci,but it ain't thin man here..

Acacia Gekkoo says:

Still listening in 2019. $$$$$

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