Gucci Mane – Bussin’ Juugs (Official Video)

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© 2012 WMG Check out Gucci Mane’s music video for “Bussin’ Juugs.”

Gucci’s new mixtape “Trap God” is here!

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ahmed12345678900 says:

''Fix your god damn mug.. You arguing about a bitch and she's a god damn slut.
(W- What?)…And now your car shot up. Beefing bout a bitch with a GLUED-ON BUTT!''

The Great says:

Damm cuzz ma shiit banging hard

Dank Lungs says:

im obsessed with sippin lean an smokin buddddd

Ege Pehlivan says:

Bitch dont even know she met the damn plugg!!!!

Christopher Garcia says:

niggas saying he trash but dont understand that trap talk. gtfo ha

chop matrix says:

Subscribe for beats like dis 

roleckz says:

big boss gucci!

renato galvan says:

Why was there a guy waving a blue bandana? 

a497b186 says:

who produced this?

jimithy sameulson says:

Yo Gucci u think u bussin Juggs I'm bussin little girls underage I got usually a few sluts in my car I'm. Like. 50 I. Like. To smoke. Crack and meth I live In Surrey I have a tent I let girls smoke pot in my name is budda I like. To. Drive around with 14 year old girls I do t usually like to go above 15 since the legal age is 16 where I live I like the young fresh stuff like what's wrong with fresh pussy like people want untouched blow what's better Than a untouched 14 year old girl nothing ima blast this with my girls and keep bussin them hoes for yea all alright

Adrian Molina says:

Im not likeing waka lyrics

Cameron Berry says:

Sweet musical song.

Inferno Setfire says:

Bitch don’t even know it, she done met the damn plug!!!!!!!!!!

ladarian roper says:

LOOK! "1991 when I first start Juugin.. Wasnt makin profit till I first start cookin.. I'm standin onda Crest, like da Bouldercrest bully, CALL YO PLUG AND TELL DAT NIGGA DAT DA GUCCI MANE TOOK IT! If you lock me up I'm gon get out and start, back, Juggin.. Sun valley apartments and da neighbors keep lookin. Gave a Nik to my uncle and I told'em, how was it? Glad house! Straight drop! Yeah! He loved it. Got a stash house, a scrap house, my trap house bunkin! Flash back I damn near hada bust my cousin. Playin fuckn games wit da Gucci Man money. JUUG JUUG JUUG HOPE DESE JUUGS KEEP COMINNN, JUUG"!!

fofo4meeee says:

Gucci Gucci

Luis Donaldo Duran Maravilla says:

when they re up they re up whit us

Proibz 616 says:

A man plays ‘Bricks’ by Gucci Mane as his wedding on my channel LMAO

IDontReally HaveAName says:

Beefin boutta bitch wit a glued on butt

utkarsh says:

1:20 gucci prolly tryna calculate 1 + 1

Sean Cronin says:

free guwop

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