Gucci Mane – Both (feat. Drake)

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Audio to the newly released “Both” by Gucci Mane, featuring Drake.

Produced by Southside & Metro Boomin

Taken from “The Return of East Atlanta Santa” album

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(C) 2016 Guwop Enterprises / Atlantic

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Artie A says:


Louisha Fuqua says:

Im only here for Gucci's part!??✔

Michael Delarosa says:


Cody Addabbo says:

yoy really think care what you think bout they shit? they in this for the paper not the feedback you all wasting your time writing hate comments need to realize that.

Bill says:

Both combined..can't handle it man?

Ian Varela says:

Roll tide 16 titles

Daniel Travis says:

this my shit!

denzel Goredema says:

listened to this once, then listened to it again and skipped Gucci's entire verse, Drake too lit

denzel Goredema says:

drake too lit

denzel Goredema says:

listened to this once, then listened to it again and skipped Gucci's entire verse

Joaquin Hill says:

Shout out Yachty, but this ain't a lil boat!

John Gilroy says:

Drakes verse wasn't too good but I liked his lyrics over the beats

Jayson Adriazola says:

Gucci's Back!!!!!

Valentina Esmera says:

I don't drink or get high, but this song is pretty good.Just needed to be a bit longer for the clubs u know.

Jared Labar says:

u fuck like a granny fuck

Jasmen Cheney says:

Gucci trying to hard to rhyme lmaooo relax bro and plus he still ain't talking about shit lmaoo he needs to listen to drake and here that he's talking about something

Jasmen Cheney says:

??????? Gucci might can't go to Canada lmaoo wtf he sayin then instead of strings he says sgrings and my hubby Drake bodied ?????????? Gucci the dumbest rapper ever like tf lmaooo

Jasmen Cheney says:

O my fuckin god wat tf is guwap saying lol he can't speak grammatically correct for shit lmaoo like wwhhhhyyyyy ???? then he says " my nig" he has a third grade vocabulary

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