Gucci Mane Both feat. Drake [Official Audio]

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Gucci Mane – Both feat. Drake from The Return of East Atlanta Santa

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Daspacestation Music says:


Yessica Lagunas says:

bruh dis song is the shit

Camn' TurntDown says:

Here b4 1 million and viral

Realhomiequan says:

Gucci ruined the song lol

Haider Mustafa says:

Is this song copyrighted?

Cogu Ī Intro Maker says:

my nigga we've been here before this shit got viral

Seany Delight says:


Lindsey Stephens says:



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Donald Dumb says:

who keeps replaying drakes part?

Steven Covarrubias says:


Christina Weber says:

gucci is a clone!!!!!!!!!

Mark Savatier says:

Catchy asf, WOP!!

Henry Wigfall says:

Drake verse goes ham

Matt Thomson says:

weak verse drizzy

Jade Reddy says:

Dammm Drake???just slayin' it

Andy Dragusin says:

aint feeling gucci on this but drake flow is sick

L Hans says:

Drake always spit fire ? The best rapper ??? every single rapper wanna put drake on feature now ?

5 000 000 views says:


Óscar Barranco says:

pimp shit

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