Gucci Apologizes for Blackface Turtleneck

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Real fam, what do you think of celebrities boycotting the designer brand?

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Nikki M says:

I just thought it was an ugly ass sweater – who the hell would wear that

Black Eagle says:

Nah it’s time to support black owned businesses. Period.

Elsa-Lee Treasure says:

Face masks been around for decades so???? I’m so confused or don’t know the whole story. Where I live, in the winter, you have to wear full ski masks in the winter months, I cannot bc I have certain phobias that trigger panic attacks so, when I 1st saw this, I was completely clueless and did NOT at all think this was black-facing etc… I thought well now they r thinkn of women & others needs (when I saw the 👄)

cam tudo says:

That sweater was just a tribute to the Australian artist Leigh Bowery. It had nothing to do with blackface. People are so preoccupied about being 'politically correct' that they end up accusing someone or a company of racism or blackface when it's not at all the case. Ofc I don't support racism at all but we went from completely being disrespectful to black people in like the 60's to relating everything to racism I mean ofc it's an improvement in some way but in another way we went from one extreme to another. I know sometimes it is racism but come on

Mamamia says:

At this point all these companies are doing it so black people will stop wearing their brand. I’m convinced

aminata Diouf says:

No apologie. They do it in purpose

Amoni C. says:

Gucci and Burberry need to have NFL seating. F them both . Old ass designs thats repeated and over and over.

Scott Adkins says:

Don’t get me started on GUCCI and Katy Perry concerning the whole “Blackface” Publicity act.

Katy Perry was saying with her Blackface shoes that Blacks are at her feet.

GUCCI Blackface exposed-
The white face is above the black mouth and the white mouth is purposely showing inside the black mouth,meaning that whites are above blacks and they speak through them as their masters.

African Americans have “The Right” to be angry. “WE” are angry to. Putting lips on the clothing humanized it and made the black color about race. That company was purposely being racist. They knew what they were doing. This is a Hate Crime. They publicly humiliated black people.This is a Constitutional matter,and because GUCCI and Katy Perry violated African Americans Civil Rights.ALL of America can be behind all colors of race.Bring Our Country together!

GUCCI and Katy Perry ,You have been served.


Baby Palermo says:

What if that was A black women Covert her face whit white pullover ?? 🤔 white faced??

yagurl ryah says:

#THESE AIN'T No Mutherfuckin misstakes that's just how THEY FEEL!!!And until we as a PEOPLE Learn To ACCEPT that THEY wil continuously apologize We theFool some times its time to wake up Hit Eum in the Pocket Black PPL. don't you think they've Made fun of us long enough

Fatima El B says:

It reminds me of a holiday in Holland called “sinterklaas”. Is Something like Santa Claus, only he gets help from “zwarte piet” also known als “black face”. In Holland there are many people who are hurt by this, because it reminds them of the slavery. And they are asking to stop de “black face” on this holiday. But the white dutch people refuse. They say its part of our holiday en it is not slavery. But obvious it sure is. You should Google “Sinterklaar en zwarte piet” and see what I mean.

Brianna Lewis says:

Loni stop it don’t have nothing to do with not having black designers to know what is racially offensive. I don’t like how people are making excuses for this . It is very hurtful , and I think we as the black people should learn to use what our ancestors have taught us and brought to our community to fight back equally. That’s not fair they keeping doing things like this and all it takes is a sorry for it to go away . That’s not cool !

ColOfu! cL0uds says:

I don't see black face with the sweater. The coat logo in this collection on the other hand is 100% black face,but people are only worried about the sweater¿?

Julia 1016 says:

First of all Loni… I highly doubt it was a MISTAKE! Secondly… Why are you bringing up gucci mane trying to joke? No one is talking about him, we are talking about the company Gucci and them degrading black people which is YOU! So why are you joking about this??????????????? And Adrienne just looks like she doesn't care smh

Mai Tai says:

How many apologies will be given out this month? It never fails, at the top of each year the Black community is hit with a diss to our blackness and greatness. Now a school has made an apology for making African American kids participate in a "run away slave gym game". Come on now. It appears they believe they can do whatever whenever, as long as they give a weak apology afterwards.

If it boils down to their reason for being ignorant & upset is because "Us as a people are hurting their Stocks", ok so what. It is still a classier way to address things. If their stocks are dropping because to many people of color can afford to buy these brands, then so be it. We as a people still deserve respect. As far as for H & M stunt last year, certainly no excuse for that. They are cancelled and I could care less if they have stocks or not. Again all this come before the start of "Black History Month"

Gucci, Prada & Burberry slick tho, they made a pretty penny off of our money, then hit us with the bam. Now I do buy these brand colognes, but hell not no more. Me personally I don't follow trends, I'm a trend setter. So when Gucci did get that shine for the last 2 years, I did not entertain it. For the folks who did, well it was their right and choice.

Fashion has evolved so much over time. There are pretty dope fashion designers black owned by the way, that are doing the damn thang. Flip side is, if we stop buying all their designer stuff, they still gone stalk us to see what we wearing. Then they gone copy, try to please us, with the hopes of gaining an Ally again. Buttom line is they stuff is nice don't get me wrong, but keep it. We got Swag & Charisma without labels on us. Respect us and cool it with the indirect racism.

Kiafa Busby says:

A "forced apology" is not a apology

ChikaCherry / Artist of Trash says:

This is obviously made to distract people. Gucci is disgusting

Zeweldi Rishan says:

You don't take black hats offensive but black long neck sweater

Daja Brown says:

Come On Loni! Looking like the black version of Edna lol

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