Goodwill Outlet Haul – Longchamp, Rebecca Minkoff, Anne Fontaine

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Went to the Goodwill Outlet (aka, the bins) last week and wanted to show some of my finds. Also, a few finds from a regular Goodwill that we stopped at at the end of the same day.


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Jen Gold says:

Hi there! I have been reselling on Ebay since August and I came across your channel this weekend. So glad to have found you! I live in Southern California and have visited the Goodwill bins about once a month. Tiring, yet fruitful experience to say the least. I wanted to thank you for teaching me something tonight about Ann Taylor. I never knew about the 2 dots under the brand on the tag. I buy Ann Taylor often for resale and realized I had one in this last haul with the two dots. It's a dark khaki twill above the knee skirt. In any case, I'm grateful for your videos and have been enjoying your content. Keep them coming! I'm getting inspired to start doing some of my own! Happy New Year!

laurie848 says:

I saw your instagram this morning. I would totally meet you there. I'm in the same boat as you….driving in from South Orange County. The last time I left super early and arrived at 6:30am. Saved over an hour, sitting in heavy traffic. It was a very interesting parking lot for people watching. It would be much more fun with an extra pair of elbows and brand bouncing. Haven't figured out the whole instagram thing yet so how would I pm you for future trips?

Lesley Watkins says:

Also wash your dry clean only on a silk wash if you have one on your machine at 30 degrees…

Lesley Watkins says:

I would call the blue new find a catsuit over here in the UK..

Guinevere Pendragon says:

I would call the Rolla's piece a "crossback jumpsuit". Were you thinking of St John? Nice haul. I envy you being able to thrift with your Mom. Especially the bins! Appreciate your process and I learned some new-to-me labels.

Beth Ann says:

Hi Courtney! Regarding paying to have something dry cleaned, I’m wondering if you have ever tried Dryel and if so, your experience. Lindey Glenn recommended using Dryel but I haven’t been brave enough.

Mary Kovar says:

It’s a Jumpsuit.

Posh WithPets says:

Would you call it a jumper?

wrigs4prez says:

I'm just curious, do you wash or handwash all the clothes prior to listing or sending them to the buyer?

Ava Lynne says:

So fun that you get to source with your mom!

Patricia Thomsen says:

awesome!! how much do you make per month on poshmark!?

cynthia white meyer says:

Courtney, I wash on gentle cycle all the time when it says dry clean only, (esp if polyester).

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