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I’m wearing a t-shit. LET ME JUDGE FASHION.

Hi, if you’re new. I make 5 videos a week, Monday through Friday. You might like them, you might hate them, but you can’t unsee them. Unless you have amnesia.

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Nanduni Muthuhetti says:

You always look like you know more than me. Of course she does. She's Hermione

Rosemarie Sison says:

she spelled it wrong

Rosemarie Sison says:

she spelled it t-shirt

jay new says:

Background music same as roosterteeth outro music

Joslynn Velasquez says:

I love Sofia vergara and reese Witherspoon's dress !!!!!!????

Robyn Yonng says:

"Who dipped you in a glitter nail polish" really cracked me up!

Maggie Streeter says:


mynameisnot veronica says:


Miln12 says:

Where is she from? Because that's a Kenté Kawainas legion t-shirt they give out for terrific kids….and that's a school-district wide thing in my town…

ellaproductions009 says:

Who knew that one year later, GRACE would be the one who was dipped in sparkly nail polish?

sognaremaggy says:

And now YOU'RE on the red carpet 😀 !!!

Quirk Ethic says:

The ratings should be done on the 'be determined' scale.The system itself would be two be determined.

Izzie Bizzy says:

Your new rating system should definitely be called "Goose's"! Let's face it, Goose judges the crap out of everyone anyway so I think he'll do a pretty good job on Once Over Wednesdays

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