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HEY EVERYONE!! Over the last few months I’ve seen SO many videos of dudes cutting through random items with a 1000° GLOWING hot red knife!!!! YouTuber “Mr. Gear” has made this trend so popular on YouTube, ya’ll know I had to try it out for myself… So when Manny called me last week and asked me if I was down to cut open some crazy shit… I COULDN’T RESIST!!!! I think I’m addicted to this now!! HAHA Since Manny & I are makeup artists, we decided to cut open some of our personal makeup products that we love! Including… OUR OWN lipsticks that we created!! But I thought that wasn’t enough… So I sacrificed one of my Chanel ‘Boy Bag’s and put it to the TEST!!!!


This video is for entertainment purposes. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! We had Nathan and my videographer on stand-by with fire extinguishers! We also wore protective gloves and goggles!
Side Note: If you’re mad that I destroyed a meaningless designer bag (that I paid for) then you need to reevaluate what’s important in your life. Try laughing and enjoy the debauchery!

This video can be viewed in 4K [ULTRA HD]

+ SNAPCHAT: jeffreedahmer
+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar

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Ruby Trevino says:

mmmmm gurl im just waiting to see the colors from the androgyny palette!!!!+!!!!!1!!!!1!

Lulu Zhang says:

Oh yeah! Lollllll

Sophia Hamel says:

12:39 ?????

Samantha Vasquez says:

I want them to be my gay best friends

TheSoundOfBeauty says:

The silisponge was so goddamn satisfying

xxxLucyxx x says:

What a waste of a perfect Chanel bag and makeup! Other people could use that stuff but you can just buy another one

Not Alyssa says:

Fuckin white ppl

gr8BgteethProduction says:

If all of you complaining knew you were gonna be offended by someone cutting open expensive products then why would you click on a video that says "glowing knife vs. chanel bag" in the title… just saying…

Natalie M says:

That purse is more than my car and you just destroyed it. I'm crying

Floral Lacey says:

so heres me on my nokia and hes cutting open a chanell bag my mum cant even afford the rent for our house and he is just waisting 5,000 bag come on jefeee get with it

Aut Auig says:

Yes plz lol part 2 yassssssssss

Ariana Roten says:

I'm dying bc y'all are so funny i love u two ♥️

emily darnell says:

you could've used that bag in a giveaway to your subscribers that got you to this bigger platform you have, but i guess we'll just watch you cut it in half with a hot knife as if we don't know the aftermath of what would happen, while you earn a bunch of money off of this video. nice. pretty disappointed, you have more potential than this.

Laura Ashley says:

This is the best lolllllllll dead

Skye Carte says:

Please tell me you donate some money or old items to charities? Anything, please.

darthsparklz says:

P A R T T W O P L E A S E <3

Zeeshan Ali says:

people crying in the comments:
deal with it, this is the world, we waste money on shit like expensive bags or things to make us look pretty instead of trying to help the homeless and people who are dying of hunger
you have no right to insult these 2 youtubers because of what they did, you do nothing else than waste money on shit, so why does it matter if they waste money too? you do the same but they just did something different in the end with the product they bought
fucking hypocrites

Sandra Dee says:

why don't you do a video pick a random stranger who needs a make over and use the makeup on them instead of destroy it. this hurts lol.

Ирини Емануил says:

I died when he said"A MACHETE???? ???????

xoalienaschatzxo says:

Jeffreestar smoke weed???

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