Givenchy Spring/Summer 2019

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Givenchy Spring Summer 2019 Full Womenswear and Menswear Runway Fashion Show Collection by Clare Waight Keller #Bayoucool2Favourite

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MS CM says:

Love love love!!😘😘😘


She is finding her way to put her own feminity in it

Anshul Yadav says:

one of the best collection this year .

Jesus Hernandez says:

Love the colors good job 😍😍

meier Hannah says:

clean, simple, smooth, dark background but I feel the nature, spring and summer. good choice of background music, symbles of geometry and shin tassel are definitely on point.

kol- ver says:

Im glad the gigi ,the gaga ,the kendall and the goo goo are not part of the clan of givenchy

Trey Cartier says:

Her aesthetic at Givenchy, even after a few seasons hasn’t grown on me. I think she would have been great for LANVIN. Although her last couture show was breathtaking. I’m still not sold on Claire at Givenchy.


We lost Phoebe, but we have Clare … Givenchy is the new Céline…!!!

summum ipsum says:

Так уморительно смешно ходят мужики в обтянутых штанах НАРАСТОПЫРКУ 😆😆😆; белые босоножки с открытым носком натянутые на черные шерстяные колготки; кофточки из которых вываливаются соски… И это все – КУТЮР???! Нет, господа-товарищи, это постнаркотический бред.

Adrian Agravante says:

Fantastic collection!

the Voice in your head says:

Reminds me of Celine, in a good way. Wearable, stylish, dignified.

Michael Nicola says:

Clarity, luxe, wearable, sensuous, never obvious.

John Tucker says:

Hubert is rolling over in his grave.

R H says:

Claire would be better dead, anyone who likes her is as bad as her and doesn’t get fashion. This is very Gucci, Dior lame ass thrift store crap. Pastels YUCK and biker jackets in 2018? go back to 10 years ago you lame bitch

Iwanda Yusup says:

Njirrr keren ah, suka koleksi ini

Adonis Foto says:

run to your nearest thrift shop and grab everything 80's.

Clay Byrd says:

bad ass sharpness and with subtle elegance and softenness the making each piece more wearable .the casting was also strong the models fit this collection perfectly. great show she's really taking reins of the house.

Adriano de Oliveira says:

The look that appears in the seventh minute presents a same defect that there was in the wedding dress of the princess : a "kangaroo bag" in the lower belly. Is it "haute couture " ?

Deiner Dorantes says:

Lovely Claire

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