Givenchy | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Givenchy | Spring Summer 2019 by Clare Waight Keller | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week) #FFLikedalot

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Gerard Claudio says:

Basic and blé…I wouldn't pay a fortune in Givenchy clothes to have a look similar to Zara's. I am sorry!!!!

irishque halim says:

beautiful design as most ppl here agree and fresh

Nedo Taslak says:

Well done 😀

Jannacatha says:

Zara is só often mentioned in the comments of all kinds of fashion shows here on Youtube! The fashoin chain is not very well known in my country, or at least in the area where I live, but with so many people referring to it, I estimate that Zara must do A LOT of good business! 😄

Ronald Lanzanas says:

Celine was trending for the wrong reasons

multisphere1 says:

Boring and too roomy clothing for out of shape , slowly dyeing from eating women , just like Céline clothing was.
And ridiculous outfits for man. Why not baggy khaki shorts then? You know , the favorites of fat shorties. And then to put skyrocketing price tag. Why no one judges this?

Mr Funky says:

Really decent collection, directional, how so ever………….the casting was lacking… and that stomping that has taken the place of "modeling", HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!it's annoying and does nothing for the clothes, bring back the strut……and allow Anna Cleveland to show you how …………..


Thank god for bayoucool2, he does not edit the original music of the fashion videos

Carlos Guerrero says:

This is better than the dissaster of celine

Kaijie Chen says:


Fabian Franz says:

I like the paperbag trousers ! The rest especially the man clothes are a mess ! Sorry but there´s no reason why someone should spent so much money for this stuff !

mromeri says:

take notes dior and celine

Pietro del Castillo d'Altamira says:

ça sent le shit pas l'Givenchy

smart person says:

Finally something beautiful and elegant. Well cut, gorgeous drapes and flow for the dresses.

beastchip says:

One of best show in this season. Love every piece!

magic spoon says:

This is not bad. It just feels so blaa. It's too commercial.

Details Studio says:

So why is everyone feeling miserable about Chiuri vision for Dior, but Keller's shows are fantastic? These clothes look nice, but have nothing to do with Tisci's genius. Historical houses become too commercial, I'm sorry I'll pass.

Aidanboy Chanel Halim Amin says:

Not missing any of the Tisci’s star association that brought a baggage to Givenchy! Claire feels new not because she was newly brought in but again excelling in ever slightly tweaking your classic perspective of things! The usual comments that it will soon be in the high streets is unwarranted, my question to those people is, where exactly. Long live Hubert!

Britney Bitch says:

Falls short of being inspirational

Darren De Hahn says:

Good show but not great. Very clean cut but nothing made me want to go out and buy or style any of these pieces

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