Givenchy | Spring Summer 2015 Full Fashion Show | Menswear | Exclusive 1080p

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Givenchy | Spring Summer 2015 by Riccardo Tisci | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – Menswear Collection/1080p – Paris Fashion Week)

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Tony L says:

love the hair nets lol

georges jc says:

fancy – fantastique

Kat Ratcliffe says:

I love these pieces so much I'm watching it for the millionth time, if that is even a word, lol…..

E. Lockwood says:

Not impressed with the delivery of each piece. It just seemed a tad off in how they were dressed.

Majesticon says:

Yeah this is pretty good. Derivative as he'll though, you can see in each segment the obvious influence of current designers…Thom Browne, then to Raf, then on to Boris…kinda weird how it's framed like that…but the pieces do look dope and for hypebeasts I guess that's all that matters

Darkpurple Dantu says:

Anyone know who the male model is at 1:17 . let me know please. 

hihipieinthesky says:

I don't know where you live but if I wore those long ass coats and stuff in summer where I live I'd get heat exhaustion and pass out O.o

Luke Dickinson says:

the baby's breath embroidery… is so beautiful but the do-rags needa go

Eric G says:


manticore max says:


Sanpedranoazul says:

A dark spring/summer collection to me.

Miguel Anderson says:


Mokosh says:

2:36 i need those shoes!!!!

altertheskyy1 says:

if the stupid do rags were taken off then it would be all good but they looked so ugly with them on. 

GIRARD says:

Dégueulis de Dries van noten, rien d'autre.

Marion G. Boyd says:

All I could say when I first saw each piece is No, no, no, no….etc….


Who can told me this BGM?

5339751Pet says:

Does anybody knows if the sculpture in the middle of the catwalk or room, is by artist Damian Ortega?

Baby Ethernet says:

I love the music.

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