Givenchy | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 Full Show | Exclusive

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Givenchy | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 by Clare Waight Keller | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW/Paris Fashion Week) #FFLiked

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codebrker24 says:

Imagine that:A well thought out,executed, edited collection that was cohesive in it's presentation. Thought provoking.

Naphtali Brooks says:

Creo qué hay mucho que puede describir como bello es este show. Pero en un sentido, quedo quieto, sin palabras. 🙂 A+

Michelle Sartori says:

If only I had the legs and the money to purchase some things from the collection. I love the light blue floor length, the black dress with the flowing floor length and blue pattern and the first rainbow dress, the one with the vivid red in the middle. Anyone any idea how much they would set me back? Wonderfully done to the designer!

Malgrange54 says:

Couture OK but sad et depressed. This collection just makes me want to shoot myself . Why do models always feel like they're on the brink of suicide? could not elegance be more joyful?

Nova Unknown says:

Love this collection. I also love the diverse casting. Excellent job.

Adrien Scott says:

This collection gives hope to the idea that couture is not dead. While exuberance and exaggeration are cornerstones of this art, they do not feel modern or approachable in their former iteration. It very much reminded me of Raf’s couture debut at Dior when our eyes were exposed to a fresh interpretation to classic lines. Galliano was a Master during his tenure but, like time, everything must move forward. The hallmarks of Hubert’s impeccable tailoring, architecture, and somber drama were all there but seen through the scope of the world we live in and of what couture used to be. Couture is not just beads, crinolines, or dazzling gowns but the art of impeccable details and finesse that is to be enjoyed by the wearer alone. Quiet luxury in a world full of fast fashion shouting.

joby h says:

Some wonderfully crafted pieces here though slightly odd presentation. Let's not forget these clothes are designed with real people in mind. Surely you cannot truly appreciate couture without seeing, feeling and wearing the clothes. It seems we live in an era where understatement and elegance is eclipsed by marketing, political statement and novelty. She's a good designer, probably too classical/tasteful and will probably be snuffed out before the end of the year. Very weak almost non-existent applause, fashion people really are an unhappy bunch aren't they?

Mauricio Herrerabarría says:

Max Richter <3

tropicana says:

Givenchy is regaining their high fashion exclusive image and appeal, something they had lost once Ricardo started associating the house with the Kardashians. It really cheapened the brand not because of the Kardashian sisters themselves, but more so because of the cheap disposable fast fashion brands that copies their collections all the time knowing kardashian fan girls will try so hard to look like their idols. which is like 90% of the girls on instagram and youtube. Next one that needs to go is Olivier Rousteing at Balmain, no one cares for the brand anymore. It needs some fresh update.

Mvv Mvv says:

It was ok .. But not couture.

maria angela gomes galembeck says:

LIndfo demais

The midnight raven says:

some strong pieces not so sure off some off the model chooses

stefanos2691 says:

If you 'take inspiration' from many things, your collection will look like many things and NO lighting or music can smoothen it up. The attempt to 'downplay' the Roberto Capucci design 'inspirations' has failed and someone MUST tell them that throwing few men's ordinary outfits, does NOT make it men's couture. It's pathetic to mix men's and women's but not pay attention to men's. If you don't have money or time to do it properly, DON'T DO IT AT ALL!

Dāvids Kalniņš says:

Does Givenchy is really the real place for her to be in ?

Dilek Sağlamol says:

kadının en seksi yeri göğüsleri ve kalçaları…

Dilek Sağlamol says:

kadın savaştada heryerde kadın güzel


Christian says:

I loved this collection a lot.

jonnyfendi2003 says:

Garbage. Tisci could do a collection like this in his sleep.

floriana santanni says:

I don't know what problem you have with Maria Grazia Chiuri. She brought fresh air in Dior. Sales +19% If you regret Galliano, well probably you don't live in a real life but on the stage. Maria Grazia make a contemporary collection. Without dream? Probably true. But wearable clothing.

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