Givenchy | Fall Winter 2015/2016 Full Fashion Show | Menswear | Exclusive

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Givenchy | Fall Winter 2015/2016 by Riccardo Tisci | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video 1080p/Menswear Collection/Paris Fashion Week)

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Forgiveme Lord says:

givenchy soundtracks are the sh**.

Manny Lee says:

Me encanta Saville Dorfman en el min 5:34

Prasanna Mondal says:

CAN WE ALSO have a moment of silence for this DAMN SOUNDTRACK !!!!!!!

InFullAttire says:


Hausofcozy108 says:

No one does black like Tisci!!! :)

adrian 77 says:

Forever hating Riccardo for having custom music on his shows. They're always brilliant

Gustavo Vargas says:

Love the music here.

sumoni says:

They got that FKA Twigs inspired hair?

Salvatore Pellino says:

hallowen they run out of idea

Shay Rip says:

damn you Givenchy using custom music i cant shazaam ;/

Alicen Ajjerdem says:

what kind of glitter thing is that on the model's bodies?

mrblf652 says:

The set and some of the clothes are giving me old school Gaultier.

Allysha Ishak says:

can they get a new camera/documentation crew? lighting problems same to previous show

Devin Boston says:

3 Words Love Love LOVE

Richard asshole says:

I've just died and gone to hell…fuck this is good!  This show as with many others for 2016, seem to present "gowns for guys"…it is best translated here to a more masculine vibe. ALL HAIL GiVeNcHy!

Arie De Bruin says:

How much money do these models make, walking on this runway? Anyone got any experience with this?

Biddy Baboon says:

I saw satan in the front row smiling

dennis williams says:

Voodoo never looked so good. The majority of the models could  actually walk- which was refreshing after Milan. I only noticed the shoulder sway affectation once. The textiles were beautiful and well presented. I have long believed the models spend too short a time walking so this was a bit of a validation. The spit curls were a bit …but artistic license.

damien park says:

mall clothes for mature men over the window display

Gibran Gaytan says:

Does anyone knows the name of the models at min 5:34 and 6:18?

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