Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2019

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Giorgio Armani Spring Summer 2019 Full Womenswear Runway Fashion Show Collection

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Beverly Jordan says:

Seriously, can we stop using underweight and malnourished models to sell clothing. It just makes me sad and discussed.

Ulf Utstrand says:

…its so relaxed and elegant.

Ulf Utstrand says:

…pearl grey…neutral and beautiful.

Miss Swissy says:

So texturally intriguing.👏🏽Made me feel like I was in a subterranean candy buffet.🧜🏽‍♀️Lovely.

Matthias Blasi says:

Contemporanea e chic

Lyudmyla Ushakova says:

Affascinante , romantico , bellissimo

Susanna Martin says:

tessuti preziosi e preziosamente cuciti ma ….difficile gli abbinamenti e i colori

berry nutter says:

These models are walking like they are in physical rehabilitation

Claire Baichoo says:

Stunning!!! However, the shoes seemed to be very uncomfortable.

Faya00001 pebble says:

Evening wear only?

Rafick Bdaro says:

The songs are awesome, what is the music that starts around 9:45?


John Phillips says:

Do these models have big feet? It would seem so. They also walk pigeon toed. Who started that shite? Oh, rich folks don't walk very far, they're carried.

Susi Dziewulski says:

he is great in proportions and feminity, and in new ideas. Never boring.

undomiel152003 says:

Armani, the last great designer alive. The collection was ethereal, elegant, beautiful. The shapes, the colors above all, fantastic.

Carl Bledsoe says:

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Antonia M says:


Lucia Reggi says:

Grande Giorgio!

Tony Moly says:

Армани ни на кого не похож. Качество тканей прям чувствуется с экрана. Хотя не все вещи понравились,и все же он лучший.

Gisa W Slonim says:

Awful. I never thought I would live to say that about an Armani fashion show. Most of the stuff looked tacky, some of it like pjs or nightgowns, unflattering and uninteresting.

Lisa Stallings Keelor says:

Had to stop watching very quickly. The camera work gave me a headache. Srsly.

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