Giorgio Armani on how he tries to stay ahead of the curve

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Fashion designer Giorgio Armani on how he manages to stay ahead of the curve by dressing celebrities like Lady Gaga.

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strongwise says:

for an old ass man he is so handsome

mattbod says:

Italians are pretty poor at English in general especially the older ones.

Fabio Greggio1 says:

He speaks Italian because the Italian language is much more beautiful than English, is the fourth most studied language in the world and in the end sounds even better

shane ford says:

hes the king

1974FLA says:

He has said in interviews he did not want to learn. He can speak French.

neoperseus says:

Your premise isn't necessarily flawed in the case of people who want to pick up a language. Armani, being an Italian icon, probably doesn't find it necessary to adapt to non Italians.

Pasi Palosaari says:

I've always thought that you pick up English relatively quickly when you're surrounded by English-speaking people. Maybe it isn't so in his case or maybe my whole premise is flawed…

Pasi Palosaari says:

Of course not. I'm just surprised.

neoperseus says:

Why would he need to? I don't think he needs to impress Toby Keith.

neiapomodori2 says:

do you have a problem with that ?

Misseffortlesslychic says:

grande Giorgio Armani. Un esempio di professionalita' ed onesta'.

Pasi Palosaari says:

What? The man still doesn't speak English?

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