Giorgio Armani Menswear Spring/Summer 2019

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Giorgio Armani Menswear Spring Summer 2019 Full Runway Fashion Show Collection

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Vladimir Tosh says:

you can watch shows 5,10,15 and 20 years ago-the same thing.Even the new designer was afraid to bring something fresh.

octavio oliv says:

Será muy de marca pero que ropa tan fea.

Jack Griffo says:

Nice ! And the models are damn hoot !

Robert Robrahn says:

YAWWWWWN. Looks like fast fashion ZARA bullshit clothes. No thanks. And whats up with the 1980's cuts and Golden Girls layering?

Andrew Jimenez says:

No. Fashion week Rick Owen clothes are unwearable and trying too hard to be futuristic. Off White is a disaster and outright boring. LV was better but caters to who? The cult of Celebrities and influencers (who are clueless). Prada and Valentino are mimicking what they think young hipsters boys want to wear which is disappointing. Moschino is rave wear at best. Gucci is gucci and is about styling and the art of excess. Armani is dressing the classic man. No shit. Who wants to be on trend today when it sucks to watch ALL these shows. Fashion in particular Men's fashion is a disgrace. What a waste of talent and design. Please go back to the drawing board everyone and scrap what your ideas of Mens Fashion can be. We need to start fresh. PLEASE!!

66horace says:

Fedele alla linea.

ライトEthereal says:

The models are annoying as hell, and this collection ugh..come on. So disappointed about Mr.Armani.

Moss Management Paris says:

Somebody know the song of final session. Let me know please !

Logan W. says:

New new GA logo at the background reminds me of the ones for kindergartens

Logan W. says:

Most of the pieces look so dated from this collection. Mr. Armani is like 5 years behind the trend. There are only three reasons you would wear these clothes: 1. You don't understand fashion; 2. You are above 30 yo; 3. You are rich as hell and don't know how to spend your money, so just following the so-called mainstream. Just saying.

仇博 says:


F Lady says:

Very beautiful men models…and the clothes too 😊

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