GIorgio Armani Men's SS20 fashion show

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Watch the Giorgio Armani SS20 men’s fashion show held in the brand’s historic headquarters in Milan.

Recalling that summer is a liberating season, Giorgio Armani captures its spirit, proposing a new wardrobe in which everything blends together with spontaneity and elegance.

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suraj amom says:


Hello!Haki!你好哈克 says:

Slow walk …..bored

buyung mawardi says:

when you don't need to show that you have money , thats Armani. It's fresh to see this collection, when most of other mens collection goes avant garde

It’s Me says:

Giorgio Armani = EMOZIONI ☀️💯

Yuvraj Singh Naruka says:

Marlon is charming but he needs some runway training.

dokbrian says:

was it intentional that all the pants and jackets are baggy, ill fitted and creased?

dominguez prado says:

Contemporary men resolute yet spontaneous and even playful.
Armany at its best.

Ricardo De la Rosa says:

Armani Genio ,El mejor diseñador del mundo,Marlon Texeira súper modelo

local city says:

L'eleganza è sinonimo di formalità,qui è casual,non è eleganza

Kendrick Jacocks says:

French Chic with a touch of Andalusian Sun and cute – but you've got to touch Giorgio ARMANI to know what it's all about: Wear me, baby! It screams it.

Susana Agramonte says:


Susana Agramonte says:

Tanta eleganza e tantissima classe te amo Armani

tarek akssa says:

whats the name of the last song pleas !!! 12:31 / 15:57

Duraymond MissesYou says:

Models got really defined chin and jawline!

cheong728 says:

Oh for male models who look like men and clothes made for men, without being boring – bravo Mr Armani. I fear, the day when he's no longer around and all of male fashion will become like …….. YSL ! D&G, Versace hold on too !

canuckyukyuk says:

The clothes are beautiful.
(I will never be a fan of pants cut above the ankle. Not big on the vests, either. That can be remedied.)
I like that they, for the most part, stayed away from those "shrunken" jackets.
The models were great.
HE looks great!

Ezequiel da Costa says:

Giorgio Armani, never disappoints. Nobody manages to capture comfort and elegance in equal doses like him. I love Giorgio.

Jenish PM says:

love those soft colors

Antonio Neto says:

Lovely to see the brand taking a breath outdoors. It changes everything.

Am Love You I Am Caval says:

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