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Giorgio Armani Men Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Milan Men’s Fashion Week MILAN – Once again Giorgio Armani turned to muted colors of brown, gray, black, and olive green to present his Fall 2013 collection at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, but pressed them againt pops of red velvet, and pinstripes. There was this idea of the masculine man presenting high-end clothing that teetered the line between casual and elegant. Cashmere, jackets, and a few geometric prints rounded out the collection.

Appearances: Chris Peterson, Zhao Lei, Casey Taylor

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Luz Tatum says:

I really loved this collection. It's amazing and most of all its wearable.

ATL333 says:


Nathaniel Peter says:

I see awesome robots walking on the ramp. 

Sebastian Rogers says:

is it me or is everyone here attending a funeral? 

Max Colton says:

Just because it looks good on the models , does not mean it'll look good on you.  My friend spent $2k on their suit and it look good on him because he was built and look like these models….go thank you mommy and daddy if you were lucky.

WIZZARD57872 says:


zak00101 says:

Jojojoh fancy creatures

Bobany says:

maybe, in the dark, its the best place to wear giorgio armani! but i dont fucking care about that, i cant see the colors if they are in a room as dark as my asshole! and they call themselves a brand of fashion? a company of amateures.

adnan purba says:

4:50 I swear By…

Julierme Araujo says:

Muito bom!!!

Osmany Fierro Viart says:

Giorgio sei il migliore !!!! 🙂

Ciel Marcelo Renán says:

very nice collection–

jennifer quigley says:

01:20 guy from almost every Versace / Armani Shirt item on saksfifthavenue website ! lol

TheSololobo says:

I love the world of fashion but I hate the snobbery that comes along with it. You can't go to any high end store without that bullshit vibe you get from the sell clerks- smile once in a while motherfuckers.

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