Giorgio Armani FW 19-20 Women's and Men's Fashion Show Video

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Interior, night. for the first time, Armani/Silos is hosting a runway show in the setting that encapsulates and summarises the work of Giorgio Armani.
Feminine figures, slim and slender like pencil strokes, move throughout the rooms together with strong yet graceful men. In what they wear, they are complementary expressions of the same vision, united through the colour blue: deep and vibrant, the Armani shade par excellence pervades everything, defining
a timeless, velvety elegance that is perfectly balanced.

The female silhouette is elongated and curvaceous, sketched with short jackets close-fitting at the bust, trousers with curved edging, pencil coats and draped blousons. collars disappear, and asymmetrical markings sweep over the pieces like brush strokes, adding a sense of motion to the figure, along with an interplay of inlay work. the effect of movement is also suggested on the surfaces, which are covered in photographic prints of knots and drapery,
enlarged to the point of becoming abstract.

The eveningwear is lengthened, dazzling and sleek with its sparkling garments, featuring styles as simple as t-shirts or velvet jumpsuits that make a statement with their textural, agile flair.

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candida apicella says:

.. There is no Armani shows without the Giorgio Armani Icon: FABIO MANCINI!!! THE BEST

Hül says:

So elegant! love itt

paolo24019 says:

The real Master of Elegance!!

Rocio Rejente says:

I love it!!! Simply wonderful 😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

Am Love You I Am Caval says:

New Cenaruir´s Stduir´s the Armani Arm Mem Styller Potter Week DNA Mundi Inter MEDI VITRINES World ! Older the Older Mem Movie Late Aftooernr´s ! They Future in Session the The Alta DNA Single Custur´s UNISSEX Armani Future the Next Year´s Sex .

Alessandro Pilia says:


Bill Fleming says: grey…So Armani..who is 7:09 …great looking guy.

José David says:

Sensacional… Muito elegante… Muito lindo…
Só roupas incríveis… Só roupa TOP… Parabéns!!!

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